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Name: Kenneth Huffman Jr

Hello, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am currently 26 years old, graduated Hoquiam High School, Bates Technical College, and Grays Harbor College with 2 AAS degrees in Business Management and Occupational Entrepreneurship. I have worked jobs in salmon hatcheries, sales, and the department of corrections.

I earned my blackbelt in karate at 11 years old, became a WA State ranked wrestler, shotput and discus thrower, as well as the captain of the football team, wrestling team, and track and field team.

After High School, I worked for auto transportation company then at O’reilly Auto Parts. I would then head to Bates Technical College where I became a certified power sports and equipment technician.

This being said, I tried out a shop (Not a clean one…) and I turned down the offer… I have never been much of a fan of working FOR others, I love working WITH others, this was not a place I felt that… I wanted to work for myself, maybe flipping bikes or something, but even that wouldn’t give me the life I truly wanted…

Towards the end of my time at Bates Technical College, I started researching “Affiliate Marketing.”

The whole process is building a website around a certain group of products that you review and allow your readers to take your opinion and either follow through and purchase or leave your site with a little more knowledge. You then can build your authority of your website by creating more content that further helps people that are looking for information that you have.

As time went on, I learned I could build websites for businesses, that didn’t have a website, for cash! So that is what I did, I went to one of my local restaurants and asked if they had a website, she said no, and the talks began.

My very first website I made for someone else to make me money was made for an initial $300, then $50 after that every month to manage and update events.

I was going to do this for a bunch of businesses but I decided to jump back into affiliate marketing and chose Nerf Guns as my new “Niche” or category. I chose to review Nerf Guns because my nephews are Nerf Gun freaks, so what better way to mix family and work! I have lots of plans for future videos for extra promotion in the future!


Rogue Wrestling Attractions, LLC – Sole Member

After completing enough courses at Grays Harbor College, I was able to earn 2 associates in applied science degrees in business management and occupational entrepreneurship. I graduated right before Covid-19 hit the world. The only job I was able to find was a corrections officer at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. That is a whole story of its own. I spent just shy of two years with The Department of Corrections, all while planning out RWA and building a financial pool to fund the company.

I am working towards making Rogue Wrestling Attractions, LLC the best professional wrestling company in Washington State.


I have been able to bring together everything I have learned in my life together with Wealthy Affiliate. Think of Wealthy Affiliate as a home base for online entrepreneurs. Everything from your website, to how to create your website, keyword research, to every lesson you will ever need about online marketing and growing your website.

Check this link out to Wealthy Affiliate. On this link you will find a video of the owner and co-creator of Wealthy Affiliate. He goes into detail about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and how anyone at any stage of their business career can improve with affiliate marketing. I don’t want to sell you the product, I want you to watch the video and try for yourself.

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I’m here to help you succeed!

All the best,

Creator Of WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com