Does Traffic Hoopla Work? What’s The Hoopla?

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Traffic Hoopla Review

Product: Traffic Hoopla – Internet Traffic Generator

Price: Free – $800/month


Overall Rating: 74 out of 100

What Is Traffic Hoopla

Traffic Hoopla is a website designed to help others with online advertising, Website Traffic Building, and helping others build and grow their online business.

Traffic Hoopla is a company that has been around for 14 years, growing and creating new ways to help online marketers make profit. They were not always as sophisticated as they are now, when Traffic Hoopla first started they had zero experience, zero profits and zero understanding of how online marketing worked. They have learned and worked hard to get their website to the point that is now, where they are able to help over 250,000 people world wide.

Who Is Traffic Hoopla Intended For?

Traffic Hoopla got their name because they were tired of all the “hoopla” that they found when trying to understand online marketing. Everyone can be suckered into anything and the founders of Traffic Hoopla were tired of people like themselves being taken advantage of. So they created their own site that can help anyone from beginner to expert, become a successful online marketer.

Traffic Hoopla is meant to be used by anyone that has the dream of becoming an online marketer. The online market dream can be anywhere from wanting to work from home, to working while you are on  your constant vacation. Everyone that starts online marketing is looking for a way to become successful so  they do not have to be like all the regular people in the world that work 9-5 EVERY single day and rarely get real time to enjoy life.

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If you have been looking for ways to get your website some creditability from online advertising, to website traffic building, Traffic Hoopla is intended for people like yourself.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Free To Use
  • Multiple Membership Levels
  • Multiple Benefits
  • Anyone Can Use
  • Great Support Team


  • Not Quality Paid Traffic
  • Some What Confusing Website To Use
  • Lot of Sign Ups

Does Traffic Hoopla Come With Training

I have used many different ways to try and generate web traffic and when it comes to Traffic Hoopla, it is very simple. Traffic Hoopla has many services you can use, either free or for a fee. If you decide to pay for one of their services, it is 100% simple. Lets say you buy a traffic bundle, you are paying for them to bring traffic to your website. They do all the work, all you have to do is pay and tell them your website.

For many of Traffic Hoopla’s other services they are pretty self explanatory. They help you sign up for other sites and use the Traffic Hoopla site as a home base. With the other websites you will be signing up for, they come with all the training you need for that site. Once you have an established website branch out, you will try and recruit others to do as you do, through your Traffic Hoopla Account.

Can You Easily Contact Support

Often times when you find a website that has been around for a while that is really trying to make a difference and help people, you find that site with a great support team. That support team should be kind and quick, if you send in a question you should receive a kind answer fairly quickly.

With Traffic Hoopla being 14 years old, wouldn’t you think it has to have a fairly good support team? I can assure you that with Traffic Hoopla, any question you have about a service or just a question about online marketing in general, can and will be answered very fast. Traffic Hoopla has a 24/7 support team waiting to answer all questions you may have.

On top of Traffic Hoopla having a quick response time, they also have a very courteous attitude that helps in the difficult stressful situations. Not saying Traffic Hoopla causes stressful situations, but if one was to arise, they will be very courteous and help the situation.

Is Traffic Hoopla Worth The Price

With any product that you choose to pay for, you must ask yourself. “Is it worth it?”

Traffic Hoopla has many services that are all different prices.

Traffic Bundle Prices (Pay to have traffic visit your site)

  • Kick Start – 100 hits daily 3000 in a month $25/month
  •  Booster – 500 hits daily 15000 in a month $99/month
  • Blast – 25000 hits daily 75000 in a month $449/month

The results Traffic Hoopla can give for a given price is amazing. However, they do give great quantity, I do not think they give you the best quality of views to you website.

I purchased their Traffic Bundle, Kick Start, and I did receive what they said I would of 100 views a day. What I was not very satisfied with was the lack of time spent on my site. With Google Analytics, they showed me that the average time these hits I paid for actually stayed and looked at my website. Only 30 seconds was the average time these “real people” were on my site. That to me does not seem like quality.

Traffic Hoopla also offers memberships of different levels.

  • Pro Monthly – 50% Commissions – $24
  • Pro Plus Traffic – Same as Pro but you also receive 250 hits a day for one site of your choosing – $77
  • Pro Yearly – 50% percent off monthly, Pro benefits – $144

With Traffic Hoopla’s memberships you receive more benefits for your money. Free is also a membership level but gives you much less benefits and less commission.

My Final Thoughts On Traffic Hoopla

I think it is always nice to find a website out there that is dedicated to helping people. With Traffic Hoopla they are dedicated to helping others grow their online business while growing their own. They offer many great ways to help and some features can be used for free.

If you are a person looking to grow your online business, I believe Traffic Hoopla can help you. Like all things in life they have their pros and cons, I believe them to have more pros than cons and that makes them a great website, what is good without a little bad, improvements can always be made. I love how quick their support team is and always friendly. The price however I am not entirely fond of. They offer good deals that sound great but I do not think they are as great as they may sound. If you are looking for hits to your site I think the paid traffic generator is great, but if you are looking for real customers for your site, try somewhere else.

Traffic Hoopla … At a Final Glance

Product: Traffic Hoopla – Internet Traffic Generator
Price: Free – $800/month
Overall Rating: 74 out of 100

Verdict: Worth a try with Free Membership

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6 Responses

  1. Gomer Magtibay says:

    Thanks for this review on Traffic Hoopla.

    I used to advertise lead capture pages in traffic exchange sites like Traffic Hoopla. Then, my favorite was Easyhits4u, and oftentimes while surfing that site, I see ads about Traffic Hoopla. But, I never bother looking inside what it really is. Now, I now have an idea! So, thanks for that.

    I was just a bit shocked. Am I seeing correctly or my eyes are just blurred when I saw $800 per month? Wow, quite expensive! But why that high?

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey love the feedback. Everyone has their own traffic website that they prefer to use, Traffic Hoopla is one that many use. Feel Free to try it but if real traffic comes from great content, if you can learn to write good content on your page, traffic will come without extra help.

      The most expensive package they have is about $800, it is for a membership, you will receive more commissions, higher traffic and a few others perks I’m not willing to find out for that price.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Oren says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for taking the time to write up a detailed review of Traffic Hoopla.

    I tend to be skeptical of these traffic generator sites – especially “free” ones. You don’t really have control over how they promote your url. This can have a negative impact on your SEO unless you’re using dedicated landing pages with these services.

    Some of the less reputable services can become a source of “referral spam” in your Goggle Analytics.

    If you find a good service, with quality leads, and it converts, then this can be another great tool.

    Thanks for sharing this info!

    – Oren

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Oren! I agree completely with what you just said, even though traffic generators may sound like a good idea, They are not. If you are looking for low quality traffic that will be on your website for seconds, on one page and leave, free traffic generators are for you but they are not good for your rankings. Stick to SEO and write quality content if you want to see real traffic.

      Thanks for the comment!


  3. Netta says:

    Hey Kenneth:

    Thanks for the thorough overview of Traffic Hoopla. Good job!

    My first thought on this is if even the “pay-for-eyes” services that offer a relatively good service and do what they say results in a flood of viewers who don’t hang around to interact for real with your offerings, then it isn’t quite what I am looking for.

    Me, I want a fan-club. I want loyal troops. Guess I have to go do the work to deserve that….

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey thanks for the comment! “Pay-for-eyes” are completely overrated programs and they need to be avoided if you are going to succeed in the online world. SEO is the way to get real traffic that wants to read what you write. Real work needs to be done if you want to receive high traffic. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you all you need to know about SEO and how to get traffic.


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