How To Make Money With Amazon Associate Program

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program

Product: Amazon Associate Program

Price: Free
Overall Rating: 78 out of 100

What is Amazon Associate Program?

Amazon Associate Program, also known as Amazon Affiliate Program is a separate program by that  allows other websites to promote products and make a % commission for promoting.

Anyone that has a niche website can create an Amazon Associates account. Any product on Amazon can be promoted after becoming an associate.

Associates use their websites to put Amazon products on, when someone decides to buy that product you promoted, you receive profit.


Pros & Cons


  • No Fees, When signing up for an Affiliate Program, all legitimate programs are Free
  • Promote Any Amazon Product
  • Increased % profit after so many sales
  • Product Reports
  • Easy To Use


  • Low % commission (4-15%), being a trusted site more people are likely to buy, so low commissions can still add up to big profit

Does Amazon Associate Provide Training

When you Sign up for Amazon Associates Program, you are given a tour of the site. This tour includes how to use their site and how to check your progress on promoted items.

With Amazon Associates easy to use platform, the ability to promote products is beyond simple. You simply copy their HTML text and paste it to your website.

For anyone looking to use Amazon’s Associate Program but lacks the know how to set up a website or promote products.

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Who is Amazon Associates For?

Amazon Associates is designed for anyone who is looking to make a profit online via Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate marketing can be explained as simple as Choose A Niche, Create A Website, Obtain Traffic, then  Monetize (Make Money).

If you are an Affiliate Marketer looking for your first Affiliate Program , I highly recommend Amazon Associate for you. The sheer easiness of using Amazon Associate makes creating a profit online easy.

If you are looking to become an Affiliate Marketer but are unsure how  start with Wealthy Affiliate. The Best Part of being an affiliate marketer is you do not need to own any of the products in order to make a profit, only promote them.

Can You Receive Support

Amazon is by far one of the best buying websites on the Internet Today.  Almost anyone who has bought anything off the internet knows about Amazon and how easy it is to use.

When using Amazon, either for Shopping or signing up for their Affiliate Program, They have 24/7 support that is always willing to answer your questions. Their support is one of the best out there. I highly recommend Amazon for their Help and Support.

The Price (Free)

Like I mentioned above, if you are planning on signing up for an affiliate program make sure it is FREE. Any affiliate program that requires you to pay to be a part of it is a SCAM. Do not get Scammed by programs “Selling You The Dream” If you are told you can make money by referring others but are required to first buy into the program, DO NOT JOIN.

Amazon Associate is 100% Free to join. This Affiliate Program wants affiliate marketers to join, The more people promoting products, The more sales to be made. The affiliate marketer gets paid and so does Amazon, WIN WIN situation.

If you can utilize the easy to use platform of Amazon Associates and get a good amount of traffic to your website you will be able to create a very good monthly revenue. Many Affiliate Marketers use Amazon Associates solely to make a living for themselves. Affiliate Marketers in general make most of their finances online and you can too.

My Final Thoughts On Amazon Associates Program

To be completely honest, Amazon Associates is a very great program to be apart of if you plan to be an Affiliate Marketer. You are able to make a very good profit if you can promote their products efficiently. It is an easy to use platform that even beginners can use and profit from.

I would highly recommend promoting Higher Ticket Items from Amazon if you decide to Sign up for Amazon Associates. With Amazon having their commissions on the lower end of the affiliate world, it will take a lot of products being sold for you to see a good profit. However, if your Niche Website promoted, for instance, TV’s. You could promote a $1,000 TV and still receive $100 per sale at 10% commission. The more you promote the More Profit you make!

Overall, I love Amazon Associates Program. They may be on the low end of commission in the Affiliate World, but they have just about any product in just about every niche out there. The easy to use platform and access to so many products give Amazon Associates Program a high rating, but the low commissions drop its rating just a bit.

Amazon Associates Program, At a Final Glance…

Product: Amazon Associate Program
Price: Free
Overall Rating: 78 out of 100
Verdict: Legit! Great Site, Lots Of Products, Money To Be Made

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