General Assembly Digital Marketing Stratagy – Is It Worth Your Time

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General Assembly Digital Marketing Stratagy – Is It Worth Your Time

February 9, 2017 Site Review 8
Digital Marketing 10 week program

Product: General Assembly – Digital Marketing Services 

Price: 10 Week Training Course – $3,950


Overall Rating: 30 out of 100

What Is General Assembly?

Udemy Courses

Courses Offered At General Assembly

General Assembly offer a transformative combination of online educational teaching, and in-house career coaching.

Their instructional designers craft courses are both dynamic and relevant, while the GA instructors are trained to teach working professionals how to grow in their careers or start new ones.

GA’s global network includes more than 35,000 full-time Immersive course alumni and offers professional opportunities, collaborations, exclusive events, and more.

They offer courses in:

  • Coding
  • Career Advice
  • Business/ Customer Strategy
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Strategy
  • Data Driven Strategy

So long story short, General Assembly is willing to teach you everything you will ever need to know to make a successful living online.

They want to break your learning up into courses. It is more like a college program, where every program is in a different classroom, taught by a different teacher. There are many great teachers at General Assembly, but can too many teachers be a problem?

Pros Vs Cons


  • Lots Of Great Knowledge
  • Success Stories
  • Great Training


  • The Price!

General Assembly is an amazing place to learn everything you will ever need and more, to make a successful living online. They have many success stories, the teachers have such a great knowledge base, put them all together and they are the ultimate online marketer, and the training is really going to help you out.

The one major, I mean major, downfall of General Assembly, is the price! They start their 10 week course at $4000.

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Who Is General Assembly For?

General Assembly is like I said above, an amazing program to be apart of, if you want to learn everything you will ever need to know and more about online marketing.

I only recommend this program to someone who has access to a lot of money to pay for the courses. I believe you may be able to receive financial aid for the programs. However, I do not think it is worth the fight with financial aid to pay for it.

I recommend you check out my program that taught me everything I know about online marketing and it is offered for free to start. If you are unsure that online marketing is for you, the free membership to my program is worth it to find out.

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Does General Assembly Offer Training?

The number one thing you need to know about a program before signing up is, does it offer you good training? Will you actually learn from it?

Most people that don’t learn what they are taught, don’t learn because they simply were not interested in what was being taught. If you are uncertain that online marketing is for you, why would you want to pay to find out?

My program get me hooked because they explained everything super simple, and it was free.

Yes, General Assembly has great training, but you need to know if that training is for you or not. You need some way to try it out first.

General Assembly will train you in any or all fields of online marketing, this training includes:

  • Website Development
  • Data Science
  • Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Management

This will all be taught to you by General Assembly. I want you to read the comparison chart between my program and General Assembly.


How Is The Support At General Assembly?

The support team at General Assembly is one of the greatest. If you ever have a question, there is always someone to help you along the way.

You may have to wait a bit for a response from one of the teachers, but you will get an answer.

The amazing thing about my program, is that, I always have access to an answer. I am part of a community that helps each other out. If one member has a question, he or she gets on live chat and asks. They get an answer in seconds. Kind of cool.

Is General Assembly Worth The Price?

So I kind of told you my opinion on the price above.

$4,000! That is simply outrageous! I do not know how anyone is willing to pay that much money to learn how to become an online marketer.

While you are learning, you are not making any money. You are on a constant negative decline in income. You are paying and making nothing.

When I first signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, the program that taught me everything I know about online marketing. I was working on my very own live website. I was learning how to do everything on the go. There was nothing telling me I had to learn then make money. I was learning and making money.

I am constantly learning new things and you can too. I would love for you to try the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate, I will go into more detail about it in a minute.

You can learn everything and more from General Assembly but you can learn everything you will ever need from Wealthy Affiliate, and you can start for free to find out if you really want to get into internet marketing.


General Assembly Is Not Worth The Price! Find Out More About A Real Program!

My Final Thoughts On General Assembly!

I am going to keep this short.

General Assembly is an amazing program that can really teach you a lot. I would love to attend GA myself, but I believe it is unnecessary. I am making money online from what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate, I started for free, as I want you to, I want you to really find out if online marketing is for you.

If you decide to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. Check out the Action Taker Bonus at the bottom of my review.

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At A Final Glance … General Assembly Digital Marketing Services

Product: General Assembly – Digital Marketing Services Digital Marketing

Price: 10 Week Training Course – $3,950


Overall Rating: 30 out of 100


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I love to thank my readers. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below. I will reply ASAP.


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8 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    General Assembly sounds like an interesting place to learn, but as you mentioned, the price is a real shocker. You sold me on Wealthy Affiliate.

    The way I look at the two programs, General Assembly and Wealthy Affiliate, how much will I have to spend before I begin earning money.

    With General Assembly, I have to assume I would need to spend $3,950 before I could make money. That’s $4,000 in the hole. So, even after I’m making money with what General Assembly teaches, I would have to earn back $4,000 before I broke even.

    Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, so you start learning BEFORE you spend a nickel. It the paid membership level, a year’s worth of Wealthy Affiliate is about $350 if you pay annually.

    If my math is right, you can pay for 7 years worth of Wealthy Affiliate for what General Assembly costs. Plus Wealthy Affiliate has website hosting and other tools included with the training.

    Let’s say it takes two years of building an online business with the strategies Wealthy Affiliate teaches before you earn your first commission, you’ll only be about $700 in the hole.

    There is no comparison. Wealthy Affiliate is clearly the best choice and the free starter membership lets anyone try it without risking a dime.

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Gary! Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you are able to see the clear differences between General Assembly and Wealthy Affiliate.

      The huge difference really is in the price. One year of Wealthy Affiliate and I will guarantee anyone who spent all that time working on their websites will be making money. General Assembly wants to put you in the hole and then make you climb out of it before you start going back up into the money making, Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 online marketing school out there! Period! Sign Up Here!


  2. Phil says:

    Hi there,

    This is a very interesting post and very informative. I read your review about them and they seem to be rather expensive and only cover a certain niche.

    When you look at WA and what they have to offer, there is no comparison.

    Firstly the price, which is so affordable for everyone and secondly the WA community that we have at our disposal, morning noon and night.

    I dont know if GA has a forum platform where you could interact, but we certainly have it in abundance in WA

    There is no money that could buy the expertise and help that is offered at WA.

    Cheers and thanks again for posting

    Cheers…..Phil Browne.

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Phil, GA is a pretty cool program that can teach you how to make money. I do stand behind Wealthy Affiliate because the expertise and help that you said, and you can not buy a service like Wealthy Affiliate anywhere else but at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for the comment,


  3. Brandon Cox says:

    Wow! What a price tag! I’ve known great marketers who have offered personalized coaching for half that price. I think sometimes a big ticket is put on a program in hopes that some people will perceive it as extra-valuable and will buy in. I would agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is pretty awesome! And you can sign up for free while deciding to upgrade later or not. Great review!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Brandon! Thanks for the comment. Wealthy Affiliate is a better deal than General Assembly simply because they offer much more and are cheaper. I know what you mean about the extra value, wouldn’t you want a better hamburger if you paid $15 instead of $3. The free trial of Wealthy Affiliate is beyond enough for someone to know if they should persue a life in online marketing.


  4. Mark says:

    While General Assembly sounds like it has a lot to offer, and obviously it does but like many have already said…the price is out of reach for most. If you have the money then fine, but being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I know you will get tons of extremely valuable and useful training for a fraction of the cost. So in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is the better deal by far. Cheers!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Thank you for the comment! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a better deal, especially for anyone who has no experience making money online. General Assembly has many courses that will take much longer to learn and somethings you don’t really need to know. You get the need to knows first at Wealthy Affiliate then learn more about everything as you go along with the training!


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