Adbounds Review! Should You Pay Them?

Money May Not Buy Happiness But It Can Help You Achieve It!

Product: Abounds Free Website Marketing

Price: Free to $270 a month


Overall Rating: 72 Out Of 100

What is Adbounds?

For anyone out there that has a website, you know how hard at first it is to get your site traffic. You look for ways to advertise but always find a fee of some kind. Adbounds has made their site so you will receive advertisements for free.

With Adbounds they allow you to use one website and create a text, picture or custom advertisement that they will share on multiple websites and social media giving your site traffic.

Adbounds is dedicated to helping online businesses generate income.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Free to use
  • Easy to Use
  • Promotes Websites
  • Helps Generate Income
  • Fast and Helpful Support
  • Unlimited Advertisement Views


  • Only One Free Ad
  • Not A Huge Amount Of Traffic

Who Is Adbounds For

If you own a website you understand how hard it is to get your site off the ground. In order to get your website to the point of making money for you, you must understand the #1 reason websites make money. They have traffic!

Acquiring Traffic is often the hardest part about running an online business.  Having an Online Business is tough at first. You must first have a great foundation full of great content, Then you have to get people to read that content. With Adbounds it is made easy to get your website full of content to the people looking to read it, You wouldn’t want someone uninterested in your topic to read it would you? You can build a custom advertisement that will be showed unlimited times for an unlimited amount time to people looking for answers that your site has.

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Does Adbounds Have Good Support?

Adbounds is a website started 5 years ago to help small online business get off the ground with 1 free advertisement. With 5 years of experience, They have a very knowledgeable support team.

The support at Abounds is very dependable, You are able to send in a question or concern and receive an email back with 24 hours, usually much quicker, within hours. If you are unable to solve your problem by email they also have a telephone number you can talk one on one with.


Adbounds is a great site for you to build a custom advertisement that you can use to promote your website, for free, forever. The fact that the one advertisement is free is amazing, the only bad thing about this is you can only receive one. This one advertisement can be changed over and over but you can only promote one site at a time for free.

Adbounds does offer more than just the free program. Like Google AdWords and Bing Ads, you can pay to receive more advertisements. These advertisements range from three ads for around $10 a month to one hundred ads for $270 a month. You receive unlimited displays and unlimited clicks during the month you paid for.

Adbounds is a great price starting at free and the ability to receive unlimited displays and unlimited clicks for any of the plans you use.

Final Thoughts On Adbounds

Any website that helps another receive more traffic is an amazing site. I very much enjoy Adbounds for their Free Advertisement that anyone can receive just by signing up.

Although Adbounds does not give you a huge amount of traffic through their free advertisement, the other promotion plans help you out too, being much less than the larger pay per click websites.

Adbounds has 5 years of experience which I find very satisfying. With a website that has been around for that amount of time, I would hope they have a decent support team, Which Adbounds does. I give a lot of credit to Adbounds for their support team.

All in all I recommend Adbounds to anyone looking to gain more traffic to their Website. They receive a slightly lower overall rating because of the fact they do not give you a huge amount of traffic but they still give enough for their lowest fee of free. Promotion Plans will receive more traffic because you receive what you pay for.

Adbounds … At A final Glance

Product: Abounds Free Website Marketing
Price: Free to $270 a month
Overall Rating: 72 Out Of 100

Verdict: Worth a Try

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6 Responses

  1. Robert Allan says:

    Hello Kenny
    I have to confess I have never heard of AdBounds.
    Reading your review though it seems like something that people new to internet marketing or work from home enthusiasts should at least try to get their message out there.
    As you say its free for that one Ad and in a lot of cases that’s all that’s required to get people to visit your website.
    I think I will be giving it a go.
    Robert Allan

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Robert! Thanks for the comment! ” Adbounds can help anyone at any stage of internet marketing, I recommend only using the free advertisement if you are just starting, but if you have experience, I suggest running one of the promotion plans, they are fairly cheap compared to all other paid advertising. I hope you get a chance to sign up!


  2. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there Kenny,

    I had a quick look at Abounds out of curiosity as It is an unknown company and place to advertise to me (there are so many nowadays!).

    Few questions do arise, how was the quality of your traffic that you did get from them? and did the visitors navigate a round your site and stay for any length of time? (as opposed to quick visit and gone!).

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Derek! I know exactly what you mean by some traffic generators have traffic pop in and out in as little as 30 seconds. With Adbounds free advertisement, I find that I receive about 30 real people a day, that stay for an average of 6 minutes and look at quite a bit of my site. The bounce rate I receive from Adbounds is pretty low.

      Thanks for the questions!


  3. Jacob Schilling says:

    Hi Kenny, Seeing a program giving you advertisements for traffic is an interesting twist, I have never heard of abounds until now! Thank you for helping me discover it! It is unfortunate that the ads do not generate much traffic, but it seems like they know what they are doing, and it is reassuring to see that they have been around for 5 years. I may give this a look in the future!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Jacob, When you are promoting your business, free is always awesome, even though Adbounds only provides a little traffic for you on the free membership, there are lots of other packages that help give you traffic as well! Adbounds does know what they are doing!



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