Is Motor Club Of America Scam or Legit

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Is Motor Club Of America A Scam? 

Product: Motor Club Of America


Price: $9.95 monthly – Security
$39.90 monthly – Total Security

Overall Rating: 20 out of 100

What is Motor Club Of America


Motor Club Of America, MCA, is a unique motor club serving the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. MCA offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance plans, membership discounts, and the most reliable service in the auto club industry.

The unique thing about MCA is that not only does it sell insurance for $9.95 a month but if you purchase the more expensive plan of 39.90, you can make money from them.

MCA offers a referral program that lets you refer friends, family, or strangers and make a commission off of them.

Pros & Cons


pros vs cons

  • Receive road side assistance
  • Referral Program


  • Over Priced Referral Program
  • Referral Training Isn’t Very Good
  • Nearly Pyramid scheme – Promoting referral program instead of service
  • Learn only what they want you to learn

MCA may have a great roadside assistance program but they are not very good at helping you make money. They charge you extra if you want to join the referral program, they don’t teach you very much, the pyramid scheme set up where you make money off every “sucker” you is awful and you don’t get the skills to take your business else were.


Target Audience

When promoting Motor Club Of America, you need to know which part you are promoting. MCA has two parts to their service, The real road target audience side assistance and the Referral program.

For the people who are actually trying to buy road side assistance, the program is one of the best. They have many services included in their line up for a low fee.

For those who are looking to build some kind of online business, the referral program is targeted to you. If you promote MCA and get people to sign up then you earn $80 per referral.

The things they don’t tell you about the referral program is that they don’t teach you very much. You are told to build a website but not how to get it SEO (Search Engine Optimized).

The website you build is one “niche” that every person included in the referral program has, long story short, only the very top websites will get referrals, by the time you get your site better than theirs you will have a lot of catching up to do on your pocket book.

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is it worth it

The Price for the actual Road Side Assistance (Security Plan) is a very reasonable amount of only $9.95 a month. They include a huge range of assistance from towing to Travel Assistance Reimbursement. For just the road side assistance I think the price is very affordable.

The  Price for Motor Club Of America’s Referral Program (Total Security) is an unreasonable $39.90 a month. Why do I say it is unreasonable? I myself was part of MCA and was taken in by my greed for online success, I wanted to work from home and never need to get a real job.

When I signed up I was told what to do, what papers to fill out (which took a while to complete), and to set up a website that did not come with many instructions. Once I had my website up, I was told how to use it but not what to put on there that would actually help me get traffic, without traffic your website is worthless.

I was so excited to get my very own website (a free website) and to start making money online that I wasn’t very concerned with what I should be doing to my site to optimize it.

Overall, I believe the Total Security package is ridiculous, if you want road side assistance, stick with the basic plan. If you want to learn to set up a website and actually create traffic to make money check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Final Thought

My final thought about Motor Club Of America. I think they have a great road side assistance program, one of the best, but when it comes to their referral program, I think it is highly over rated, you may think you can make money online but its hard with MCA.

If you can not optimize your website, you will not get people to buy your product. That just leaves Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, or anyone else you know, to get into the pyramid scheme of believing they can make money with that program, Selling to people the ability to make money instead of the product itself.

Final Review

Name:  Motor Club Of AmericaMotor Club Of America


Price: $9.95/month Security, $39.90/month Total Security

Overall Rank: 20  out of 100 points.

VERDICT: Road Side Assistance – Great Product
 Referral Program – SCAM, low grade training, pyramid style commission structure

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12 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Well this is a very strange way to make some money online – covering your car with insurance and network marketing at the same time!
    I’m not the biggest fan of MLM setups but I suppose this one has a pretty big and trusted company behind it.
    I see you only gave the system about half marks – do you feel the same way about MLM as me then?

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Chris! MCA has a pretty good road side assistance program, I am 100% satisfied with that. However they are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), This being said, the people above you when you sign up get profit and they most likely have a well set up site to make money, but the downfall is they do not teach you how to get on the same level as them and you end up paying extra because you are not receiving any referrals but you are paying more for the service.

      If you are actually interested in making a real profit online and not trying to MLM check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate, They teach you everything you need to know!


  2. Angela Zechinatp says:

    Hello Kenny,

    A few years ago I had some friends who were pitching MCA Motor Club of America to me. At first sight, it seemed like a good deal. Many people drive and need roadside service at some point-right?

    However, I realized that it was too much like pyramid schemes I’ve learned to detest and shy away from.

    You indicate how hard it is to get started and build traffic let alone build a website. What happens to the inexperienced marketer trying to make money?

    I am sure there are some who are making money just like with any other programs. But, with so many easier programs that teach you to build websites, provide training and support and for about the same monthly fee, why waste your time and money. That’s my opinion!
    Thank you for a well written review!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Angela! I am really glad you didn’t get sucked into the pyramid scheme of MCA, However they do have very good road side service. Yes I Do believe it is hard to build a website and get traffic if you are untrained, the lack of training has unexperienced entrepreneurs running in circles and shoveling out money.

      I can try and point all the new and unexperienced in the right direction and read my #1 recommendation to making money online. Wealthy Affiliate will teach them everything they will ever need to know about building a website, getting traffic, and making money. They offer complete training unlike programs like MCA.


  3. Dennisd1 says:

    Hey Kenny,

    Although I have never heard of Motor Club of America, you do an excellent job of laying out the pros and cons. It to me, is a very honest review as it appears you had a bad experience with MCA. I do enjoy reading honest reviews, it has been my experience that honesty is always the best policy.

    Also I like your segue into introducing Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the research,


  4. Stephen says:

    Im a bit confused with this one. So lets say my car broke down on the side of the road. for less than $10 per month they would assist me on the roadside 24/7? like does this cover all expenses. Are they like an insurance company? seems a bit of a crazy way to make money out of it.

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Stephen. MCA is a road side assistance company that offers road side assistance 24/7 and they are a great service. Now they also have a referral program that you must pay extra for, in order to promote MCA and make money through their affiliate program. The thing I didn’t like about MCA, was there was no real training system like there is with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s training is proven and teaches anyone to make money online with any passion of theirs.


  5. jessie palaypay says:

    Hey Kenny,

    Let me just say that I see a ton of people in the work from home groups on Facebook trying to promote MCA.

    I to came from the MLM industry and was left pretty defeated emotionally. I realize a lot of the “mentors” in MLM who recruit aren’t very great at mentoring at all. I feel like it doesn’t teach a lot of people how to mentor others.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, I feel less lost when it comes mentorship. It has taught me a lot on how to market a product that Im into and I know exactly what needs to be done. If I ever felt loss, Im glad that the answer what just a live chat away.

    Anyways, thank you for your review


    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Jessie, I know just what you mean about MCA and not having very good mentors. I was apart of MCA, told to do a few things and that was it. I was all by myself, trying to sell a product that I didn’t even really know too much about.

      Wealthy Affiliate has taught me and over 800,000 people how to first pick an interest, build a website, how to get traffic, and then how to profit. It is a proven system and can make money in any category. Wealthy Affiliate wants to teach you how to make money online with your own passion. Its definitely worth the free trial! There is no time where you are alone. There is always someone to ask a question to.


  6. Minhaj says:

    I have seen a lot of people on Facebook promote this company. So many say they are making serious money with it, but I have also seen many complain that the big recruiters leave their downline hanging. I wouldn’t join any business opportunity where the emphasis is always on recruiting, you end up hardly talking about the product/service and instead think about how big your downline is. Business models like that will fail most people. It’s sad they have taken this route because their actual service looks relly good.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey thanks for the comment! MCA is honestly a pretty good road side assistance company, if you can get paid to sell the road side assistance, that is one thing, but they charge you an extra fee, if you want to get other to join just to recruit more people. Eventually, you are selling everyone the dream, the reason I fell into MCA, I wasn’t selling people road side assistance, I was posting on Facebook, pictures of money, to get others interested to do the same thing.

      I dumped MCA and went to work, but finally found Wealthy Affiliate, where you do not have to recruit, you can get paid by learning to create a website in any niche. A website takes time, but a website is a sure fire way to make money if you can learn to use it! 



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