What is Traffic Swirl About

What is Traffic Swirl

Product: Traffic SwirlTraffic Swirl

Website: Trafficswirl.com

Price: Free Sign up
Tokens  $5 – $500

Overall Rating: 40 out of 100

What is Traffic Swirl

I stumbled upon Traffic Swirl a while ago when I was searching for ways to get more traffic to my website. What I have learned overall in my search for website traffic is that using 3rd party websites do not really help.

Traffic Swirl uses a credit system similar to IBOToolBox. You buy or earn tokens that can be traded or spent on chests that hold credits. With Credits you are then able to run advertisements for your website that others must click on order to receive themselves tokens. You ads are only seen by other members of the community and they only have to stay on your website for seconds before leaving.

I found Traffic Swirl to be more on the confusing side and not that simple to use. It has a friendly environment, but lacks much explanations.

I have really learned from using multiple “traffic generating websites” that they do not help in the long run. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the real way to obtain traffic you actually want on your website. I know this now and I hope my experience in this can help you out.

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Who Is Traffic Swirl For

Make Money Online
You’re not the one making money, the creator is…

There are many websites claiming to help you generate “Real” traffic to your website. These types of websites are popping up all over the internet and some can help but more often than not they do not help at all, possibly even damaging your rankings.

Traffic Swirl was created in the intention to make money off newbies trying to become an entrepreneur online. I know that when I was first starting, not getting any traffic at all, I wanted all the help I could get.

If you are searching for a way to get traffic to your website then Traffic Swirl can work for you, the traffic will only be there for seconds, but if that’s what you are looking for give it a try. If you are searching for a way to get quality traffic that actually want to be on your website, stay away from traffic generators and stick to SEO.

Pros Vs Cons


Pros Vs Cons On Money

  • Free to sign up
  • Friendly Appearance
  • Credit System to Run Ads


  • Slightly Confusing to Use
  • Not Quality Traffic
  • Traffic Generator – Stick To SEO

Traffic Swirl has a pretty good concept of helping all the members out by using each other to give traffic in order for more tokens. It is free to use but you do not receive quality traffic. If you are looking to make real money online do not use traffic generators, USE SEO!

Does Traffic Swirl Offer Training

When I was on Traffic Swirl for the first time, I was offered tokens at a lower price. So the first thing they try to do is sell you tokens. The next page I was taketrainingn to gave me zero navigational help, I was forced to click through all the tabs and learn myself.

When I discovered that there was no place I could be trained on using their site, I looked around some more. On my own I discovered how they work, using other members to click on your websites and leave within seconds just to earn a few tokens so they could do the same thing when they had enough tokens to receive credits. I thought that system to be silly and I have not been back since. It is not worth my time to earn tokens just to spend them on seconds worth of traffic.

Does Traffic Swirl Offer Support

When searching through their website, I found it to be quite difficult to get a support team to answer any of my questions. When I finally found their help page, it looked really cluttered and when I got to reading, it said they can solve most problems in about 24 hours. They also said they DO NOT help on Sundays.support

When I think of a great website, I think about their content, their easy to use/ navigate site, and I think about how quick their support team can help and answer my questions. I love it when I can send a question or concern into a website’s support team and receive an answer under 24 hours and on any day of the week.

Overall, I do not believe Traffic Swirl has a very well put together support team. They may be working on a better system as you read this, but I highly doubt it.

Is Traffic Swirl Worth The Price

If I am going to pay for a service of any kind I always ask myself “Is it worth it?” I always like knowing that the product or service is worth it because I do not like spending money on something I will end up regretting.

With Traffic Swirls token to credit system, you can earn their tokens very slowly or you can buy them for the following prices:

  • 2000 tokens – $5traffic swirl chest upgrades
  • 4500 tokens – $10
  • 9500 tokens – $20
  • 24000 tokens – $50
  • 50000 tokens – $100
  • 110000 tokens – $200

The prices above are very outrageous to me. I do not think that much money should be spent on advertisements that will only receive traffic for a matter of seconds. For a $200 price you could spend that on a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertiser like Google AdWords or Bing Ads and receive traffic that is actually interested in your website, that will visit multiple pages and possibly be a returning visitor.

I do not believe Traffic Swirl is worth the price.

My Final Thought On Traffic Swirl

With so many traffic generating websites out there, they are all doing the same thing, making you spend your money that they profit on. Think of it like this, if you can get enough people to think you can get them traffic for free or even $10 and actually get people to do it, wouldn’t you create a site to do just that? All these traffic generators have the same concept but some do it better than others and some are just terrible at it. You pay them money to get other people just like yourself to visit their websites for seconds and the circle goes round and round.

With Traffic Swirl, they are doing that exact plan. The down fall of Traffic Swirl is they do not have a very good support team, they offer zero training, they target young entrepreneurs who are looking to get their website traffic, and overall they charge way to much to buy their tokens that offer very low quality traffic to your website.

I do not recommend Traffic Swirl.

At A Final Glance … Traffic Swirl

Product: Traffic Swirltraffic swirl
Website: Trafficswirl.com
Price: Free Sign up
Tokens  $5 – $500
Overall Rating: 40 out of 100

Verdict: Not worth a try, Stick to SEO

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Thanks for reading, I love feedback. Feel free to leave any comments below or if you have had any experience with Traffic Swirl, leave your review below.

Best of Luck to You,

Creator of Whodoesntlovemoney.com

 Kenneth Huffman Jr

10 Replies to “What is Traffic Swirl About”

  1. Yea these traffic generation sites are all junk in my opinion. I looked at a couple of them but once I realized that everyone else was likely doing the same thing I was, which was click on some page, let it sit for the minimum time, then immediately close it, it was pretty obvious that any traffic I got to my site wasn’t going to benefit me in any way.

    These things are just a waste of time, and if Google does penalize you for trying to manufacture traffic, then it’s disastrous.

    1. Hey Joshua, love the feedback. Traffic generators just don’t cut it if you are trying to make money online, You may be able to get thousands to your site by paying or doing tasks through these sites, but none of that traffic is profitable. SEO is definitely the way to go if you are trying to be successful online. I learned all my SEO tactics through Wealthy Affiliate, I learned so much great knowledge there and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their services.

      Thanks for the comment,


  2. Well I have tried IBOToolBox before in the past and I was sort of impressed by it…but it didn’t really do much for my online business at the end of the day!
    This traffic swirl seems to be a simple enough traffic exchange but I am worried about the traffic itself – is it actually quality traffic or just other members desperate for credits?

    1. Hey Chris! Thanks for the comment. IBOToolBox isn’t that bad of a program but if you are trying any kind of traffic generator, I recommend staying far away. Traffic Swirl sounds like a pretty good site to use but it is just other desperate members looking for other members to visit their site for a matter of seconds. Learn SEO and stick to it, to get real quality traffic.



  3. Hi Kenneth,

    While I’m not sure that I would rely solely on search engine optimization, I definitely agree that sites like this won’t be helpful.

    To be honest, I think your rating of them is generous. The visits you receive from this kind of service will only be interested in getting traffic for themselves. They’re not interested in what you have to offer.

    There is one possibility of getting money with a service like this. That’s by using cost per impression ads. But, your profit margins probably won’t be very high.

    If you want to make higher profits, the best idea is to actively seek out people who are genuinely interested in your content.

    1. Hey Paul, I am glad you can see through sites like these also. You may think you are getting traffic to your site, but what really is happening is, the visitors are coming for a few seconds and they receive nothing out of that visit, making it pointless.

      I agree with you that paid ads are a great way through search engine marketing, but SEO is much better to rely on if you are on any kind of budget. SEO is as simple as tell the search engines about your site/post and they will rank it inside their search rankings.

      Either way, traffic generators are not a good thing to use. If you reading this and have zero experience, read about Wealthy Affiliate!


  4. Thanks for writing this review on Traffic Swirl, there are so many programs like this on the internet today. I’ve tried some of them myself, even if they send some decent traffic your way it will not help you very much because most of the traffic will not be targeted traffic, so your conversion rate probably will not increase. I think Traffic Swirl is a waste of time.

    1. Thank you for agreeing with me, about traffic swirl being a waste of time. I learned how to get real traffic through SEO and I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate to do so. I never imagined how much money I could be making just by getting my posts ranked higher in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Traffic Swirl can not even come close to what Google can do for me, FOR FREE!

      I hope you or anyone else never get fooled by phony traffic generator schemes like Traffic Swirl!



  5. Hi Huffman,

    Thank you for the information. I am getting frustrated with my website because of the traffic dull. I have tried some SEO technique though.
    Recently I am wondering if I could use some help from these so-called traffic generators (I heard of this Traffic swirl too). But thanks to your page and now I think I should just improve myself regarding the mastery of SEO.


    1. Mastering SEO can be a challenge, but it is a challenge that will only pay off the more you understand. There are tons of traffic generators out there, but most of them are from members inside the program just to get you to go to their website in trade for them going to yours… That is not quality traffic.

      Search engines will give you the traffic you want when you can prove to be an authority on the internet in your niche. It takes time to rank in search engines, especially in a competitive Niche, but no niche is too competitive, with proper SEO and keyword use, you can slide right up into the SERPS and get natural traffic. Time and effort is what it takes! Not traffic generators like Traffic Swirl.


      Creator Of WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com

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