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IBOToolBox Review

Product: IBOToolBox – Online Traffic Builder

Price: Free to sign up 
Free to $100 for credits

Website: IBOToolBox.com

Overall Rating: 85 out of 100

What Is IBOToolBox

IBOToolBox is Free Marketing website that is intended to help anyone looking for ways to promote their online business and learn new skills. With IBOToolBox they offer many unique tools that allow you to grow your online business.

IBOToolBox has many lessons on how to grow your online business, These lessons are free and can be very beneficial to you.

IBOToolBox also has a very unique way of promoting your online business with ads you can create. These ads are paid for by their unique credit system, you can either buy or earn these credits for free.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Free to use
  • Easy To Use
  • Learn How To Grow Your Online Business
  • Tons Of Tools
  • Decent Training


  • Some Bugs In Their Website (slow and “x” doesn’t work on some pop ups)
  • Most Advertisements go to Members of IBO

Who Is IBOToolBox For

IBOToolBox is a great website for anyone that has a Website and is looking to grow that website into an Online Business. Anyone from Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, MLM, or even regular Business Owners looking for positive benefits to grow their reach in the Internet World.

IBOToolBox is meant to grow your business and share it with like minded people that can help you learn how to get more traffic, more traffic equals more revenue. The environment of IBOToolBox is very positive, others just like yourself looking to grow their business.


IBOToolBox has a wide assortment of training and tips to grow your online business. They have training tips from professionals as well as less experienced members sharing tips and tricks they have learned. Anyone from Beginners to Professionals can benefit from IBO’s training.

Their Professional training is “Marketing with Kris” Kris is a professional Online Marketer that allows you to create a free account and learn from her lessons. Kris has a passion for providing tools and resources to help others succeed in their marketing efforts. She has many great lessons that she claims, are the only lessons in 2016 that will not drain your bank.

IBOToolBox’s training is very reasonable considering the price of free, many people have learned and benefited from the training at IBO.

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IBOToolBox offers many resources to answer the questions you may have. Questions can be answered in just minutes.

At IBO you can ask questions in a wide assortment of places. They offer a member post wall where you can ask any questions you have to other members that have had the same question and learned the answer. The members at IBOToolBox are very friendly and are there for the same reason as you, grow their business.

IBOToolBox has a great support team that you can send an email question to at any time. The Support team will help you with anything you need assistance with. They offer answers within 24 hours but are usually much quicker.

Kris is also a very helpful resource when it comes to asking questions. Kris is often online and you can private message her. When Kris is online, you will receive an answer to your questions within minutes. Kris is not always online because she is like all of us and has a life to live, but any question sent to her will be looked at when she logs on and answered.

Is IBOToolBox Worth The Price

With IBOToolBox starting their sign up fee at Zero Dollars I believe it is worth the money ($0). Anything that offers knowledge and is free is always worth a look to me.


IBOToolBox works on a credit system that allows you to run your advertisements. Credits must be converted to impressions to run ads, 1 credit = 5 impressions, each impression means 1 person will see your advertisement. These credits can be acquired for a low fee of free, via newsletters, daily codes, and promotional offers. IBO also offers credits to be bought with credit card or PayPal. Credits have a few options to buy, here are the options

  • 1000 credits (5000 impressions) $10
  • 10000 credits (50000 impressions) $25
  • 25000 credits (125000 impressions) $50
  • 100000 credits (500000 impressions) $100

Depending on the credit purchase you make, you will see different results of your website views, obviously the more you spend the more views you will see. I do believe the price of credits is a good deal, 1 credit shows your ad to 5 people.

Final Thoughts On IBOToolBox

IBOToolBox is a great site that is full of a great community of people who share a common Interest. Making Money and Growing their business whether online or offline, IBO can help promote.

IBO has tons of easy to use tools and fairly good training, above that it is all offered for Free. I believe IBO is a very good website to learn some helpful tips on how to grow your business.

The Credit system they have is very interesting and I have not seen it anywhere else. I like how one credit can be converted to 5 impressions, however just because 5 people see the ad does not mean they will click the ad, so possibly but unlikely an advertisement with 1000 possible impressions (100 credits) can not be clicked on once, this is the risk of online advertising.

I recommend anyone trying to grow their online business gives IBOToolBox a shot.

A Final Glance at … IBOToolBox

Product: IBOToolBox – Online Traffic Builder
Price: Free to sign up
Free to $100 for credits
Website: IBOToolBox.com
Overall Rating: 85 out of 100

Verdict: Worth A Try If You Are Looking To Promote Your Business

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If you have your own review of IBOToolBox feel free to share it with me. If you would like me to review any other website or product leave me a comment below or email me at   Kenny@whodoesntlovemoney.com

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2 Responses

  1. Gomer Magtibay says:

    Hi Kenny, I am also a member/user of the IBO Tool Box. I like the fact that they allow free membership, and just recently, they also allow free members to participate in their affiliate program.

    Just like any other platforms out there, they also have their share of ugly things. One of them is, their outdated press release system. I used to be actively publishing PRs twice a day when I noticed they need to change the term from “PR” to “blogging”. I sent them a message suggesting they should revamp that part and replace PR with blog, they did not reply.

    So, I told myself, “Why waste time helping this site?”

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey thanks for the comment! IBOToolBox is a bit outdated on a few of their systems, I guess there theory is “if it works, why change it?” I could agree with that theory in certain cases, but on a website that has ever changing demands, they should be able to adapt better.


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