How To Market Anything Online With A Website

Money May Not Buy Happiness But It Can Help You Achieve It!

If you are here, you should be interested in how people build websites and then start to make money with them. The process is not that difficult, but if you have never done it, how would you expect to be good at it right away?

Watch And Learn What Took Me Over A Year Too Fully Understand And Break Down Into Simple Steps for you to understand and get started building your money making website right away!

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A website is more than just a website, a website is a brand, a website is a business, that can be scaled into a full time income that allows you to do whatever you want.

A Website Has To Be Built In Order To Grow!

When you want to create a website you need to have an idea of what you want it to be about. This is called a “Niche” or a category of your website. A niche can be super specific and grow very fast or a niche can be very broad and need time to gain trust and authority.

The Difference Between A Specific Niche Site And A Broad Niche Site:

When you take one very specific niche, lets take coffee cups, that is very specific, a website that only talks about coffee cups, will make money by selling coffee cups to people that want to buy coffee cups.

Now, when you take a much broader niche, you will need more proof that your website has good information. Information in a broader niche of coffee cups can also be about coffee cups and sell coffee cups, but this boarder niche might also talk about, Coffee, Tea, Creamers, Time of the day most people drink coffee.

A website that talks about coffee cups will make money selling coffee cups. A website that talks about coffee cups, coffees, teas, tea bags, do it yourself brewing, anything that is extra that will make the experience “Better”, needs to have more information to prove they know what they are talking about in all aspects of the broader niche.

Once a broader Niche site gains authority, it can sell anything related to anything talked about within the broad niche. A small niche can grow into a larger broader niche, but needs to show authority in every part to be trusted to sell “anything” related.

Help People With Your Website

Hand Up

The ultimate way you are going to make any money on any website, no matter the niche, no matter narrow or broad. If you can not help someone, you can not help them buy something.

The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing is recommending products or services to your readers/viewers. In order to recommend a product or a service to a person, you need to make sure they trust you. The easiest way to gain someone’s trust, is to help them. Once a person is helped, most of the time, they are  willing to give back.

What I am getting at, when ever you go onto a website, you are looking for information that will answer your questions. If you go to a site that doesn’t give you want you want to know, what’s the first thing you do? Click Out? Try Another Search Result?

No one wants to buy something from anywhere if they feel like they have not been given what they truly need. The people that will visit your website will be people that want to read what you have to say, if you can tell them something that they find as new or informative, they will see what else you have, once they get into the areas of your site (That You Will Learn To Guide Them To) that has products, if they like the product you are talking about, you can give them a link to an affiliate site, lets use, when the person that reads your review, goes to though your links, you earn commission on any product they buy within Amazon.

There are over 500 Million Products on the internet, I guarantee you there is an affiliate program out there that you can send your readers to for any product you really like because you actually use it, so they can conveniently purchase your recommendation and earn yourself commission.

*Don’t Get Stuck In A Program That Teaches You To Sell “Only” Their Products. You can use multiple affiliate networks to create multiple income streams with just one website.

Get Traffic 
Get People To Read Your Content On Your Website


Traffic is going to be the #1 thing you need in order to make money online with your website. Traffic is just another word for people coming to your website, to read or watch what you have to offer.

There are several ways to gain traffic, and I am talking traffic you want, real people that want to read your content or watch your videos.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
This is going to be the sure fire way to start a website that will have constant traffic…
If you can prove to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, And Bing (The Big 3) that your content on your website is worth a spot on their search results list for any “Keyword” you want to rank for, then it is their job to take your content and index it, once your content is indexed, it gets Ranked. You are competing with other websites that talk about the same thing as you. Your job is to do it better.

The more you talk about something the more trust you build with search engines, the more you can get your readers to engage with your content, that is what really builds Search Engine Trust.

PPC – Pay Per Click
When you don’t want to take the time to create an entire website that says “look at how much info I have” and prove it to Search Engines for a life time of rankings, there is PPC, you can take just one page, one post off your website and pay a Search Engine to put it on top of the organic searches. You can pay to put your website in front of people, anytime you search in Google, Yahoo, Or Bing, you see advertisements… Those are advertisers, using PPC.

PPC and SEO can be combined to ensure your competition doesn’t get your readers.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube
Everyone has a social media account, well a good portion of internet users (Over 3 Billion People). Social Media is going to be the fastest way to tell your audience about your newest post or page, or video or anything you want to tell anyone. You can connect instantly with anyone, World Wide, and if you have something they want to see, they will click on it.

Social Media Platforms also offer PPC advertising, anytime you see an advertisement on Facebook, its from someone with a website, targeting you because you have some interest or hobby that is related to that persons website.

When you can take all 3 options to gain traffic that want to be on your website, you can scale your traffic to more and more, to whatever you want, it is your business, your brand, with your own audience.

My Final Opinion
Last Thoughts

If you are still on this page, and you are reading these words right in front of you as I have them laid out for you. Just know, you could be doing the same thing with people that want to read what you have to say.

Everyone in this world has a life that can be 100% completely different from someone else’s, but there is one thing that every single one of us do every single day. WE LIVE. Anyone that can successfully live to the next day, has figured out something to get them through the day. This may sound a little extreme, but the point I am trying to make is…

Everyone has something unique about them, something that may make others go, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that” or even, “That is the dumbest things I have ever seen”. Either way, you got someone to look at what you can do, because you were willing to do it.

Anything you do in your everyday life, helps you learn more about what you are doing, you are an EXPERT at your own life, what you do in your life can help others become experts in parts of their lives.

Here is the big picture… You may think you know absolutely nothing, but as long as you are doing something, you are constantly figuring out how to do something easier… If you are going to do it again, why not make it a little less strenuous the next time. You figured something out that someone else may not have yet… You have information someone may want!

Just because you don’t do something, someone else is doing, doesn’t mean what you do doesn’t matter, you just need to be the expert that helps others do what you do, and end up earning commission from the affiliate programs you sent your readers to.

If you recommend bad products, you will end up with a bad reputation, stick to the things you KNOW work and let others trust you. If you are going to try something new, might as well just be honest and tell people you are learning something new.

Learning to build a helpful website, built around a passion that you have because you are an expert from your everyday life, can help others. Learn to help others with your website, your brand, your business and turn it into a full time income!

I’m here to help you the whole way, just check out my #1 recommendation!


Thanks For Reading, I’m Here To Help You Make Money Online!

Because, Honestly… Who Doesn’t Love Money?


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