What Makes Jaaxy The Best Keyword Tool – It Is Simply Better Than The Rest

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What Makes Jaaxy The Best Keyword Tool – It Is Simply Better Than The Rest

January 27, 2017 Site Review 6

Jaaxy Review

Product: Jaaxy Keyword ToolJaaxy Home Page

Price: Free, $19/month, $49/month

Website: Jaaxy.com

Overall Rating: 94 out of 100


What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that is better than all the rest. They offer keyword research that simply dominates the competition.

From the free membership to the enterprise membership, Jaaxy is amazing. You are give a free membership with Jaaxy that will allow you to do 30 free keyword searches. It is definitely worth a try. Jaaxy keyword research

Jaaxy is pure domination when it comes to the best keyword tool. They offer so much. Here is what the Enterprise Account Offers:

  • Understanding Exact Keyword Competition Instantly
    You want the easiest way to determine your competition of a keyword, Jaaxy gives you your exact competition in seconds.
  • Getting Down to the Bottom of “Where Your Website is Ranked” Instantly
    You always want to know where you rank in Google, Jaaxy tells you your exact rankings if you are in the top 200. Feel free to search Google yourself, Jaaxy does it faster.
  • Becoming a successful domain buyer, Instantly
    A catchy domain is a great way to build your foundation for your website. Jaaxy offers a service like none other, that will help you choose the most profitable domain possible.
  • “Screen & Sort” Your Keyword Results, Instantly
    If you want to see results the way you want, sorted the way you want, by Competition, Keyword Searches, or the Proprietary filters like QSR and the Keyword Quality Index!
  • Data that Matters, Instantly
    The Jaaxy team has spent over 20 years making Jaaxy the best keyword research tool in the industry. Your data comes instantly simply because is it and will be for a long time, the best keyword tool available.
  • A Mobile Research Solution
    No other keyword tool is available on the go like Jaaxy. Have an idea in the middle of the day that might be a great keyword? Look it up before you forget, on your phone!

Pro’s Vs Con’s


pros vs cons

  • Free To Try
  • Best Keyword Research Tool Available
  • Instant Results
  • Available For Mobile Device


  • None (Best Keyword Tool Available!)

I would love to give you as many cons as I could, but simply said, Jaaxy is unlike any other keyword research tool. It is the best option available today, I am willing to bet, Jaaxy will stay the best keyword research tool for many years to come. It is that good. You just can’t find a better tool. If you do, please tell me in the comment section below. I want to share the best available options, Jaaxy is currently the best keyword tool.

I advise you sign up for the 100% free trial now.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy increases traffic

Jaaxy Is For Anyone Looking To Increase Their Website Traffic

Anyone who owns or is looking to own a website, needs to know the competition. If you simply write posts just to write and target no keywords, there is a good chance your website will receive zero traffic. Zero traffic means zero money, but if that is what you want, keep up the good work.

If you want your website to actually receive traffic from people that want to read your posts, you need to understand what people are searching for and what exact words they are using.

When you sign up for Jaaxy, you will be able to look up exact keywords to find out how many people search that phrase a month and how many other websites have targeted that phrase. You want to use keywords that have a good amount of searches a month and a low competition.

If you can find a keyword that is highly searched and not very many websites (competition) talking about it, then you will be able to write a post targeting that keyword or phrase and receive most of the traffic. The more posts you write that target these highly searched, low competition keywords, the more traffic you will receive. The more traffic you receive, the more money you can make.

If you want to really earn money with your website, you want a keyword research tool, you want Jaaxy.

Try For Free Now! (Click Here)

Does Jaaxy Offer You Training?

Jaaxy is the best keyword tool available, but can you be taughtrainingt how to use it?

Jaaxy is actually extremely simple, everything is done for you. All you have to do is type in the keyword you are questioning and read the results.

If you do get confused, Jaaxy does show you how to use every unique part and how each part can help you find a better keyword.

If you really want to be trained on how keyword research works or how to create a website to use keywords on, you will want to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is created by the same people as Jaaxy.

You will be trained on:

  • How To Create A Website
  • How To Choose A Niche
  • How To Monetize Your Website
  • How To Use Keywords

Those are just some of the amazing training lessons that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I learned everything I ever needed, about how making money online with websites I created, from Wealthy Affiliate!

Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!

Does Jaaxy Offer Support?

Jaaxy is the best keyword tool out there today, but does it offer supsupportport?

The creators of Jaaxy know that any great product has to have a great support team. You are able to contact Jaaxy support at any time and receive an answer within 24 hours. Most of the time you will receive your answer much quicker.

You can send any message to the Jaaxy support team about any Jaaxy related question. They will respond quickly and courteously. The number one thing I rate website support on is, how they treat their members.

Jaaxy reply’s to all its members with any questions they may have, with complete respect. I recommend Jaaxy for their attitude toward member’s questions. They are very friendly.

Is Jaaxy Worth The Price?

is it worth it

I mentioned all the amazing features above for the Jaaxy Enterprise Account, it is amazing what you can access for only $49 a month.

The great thing about Jaaxy is, you do not have to purchase right away. You are given a free membership. I love any program that believes in itself enough to offer a free trial.

If a program is willing to let you try it for free with no credit card information required, there is a pretty good chance it is worth it. You are given 30 free searches that allows you to see just how far Jaaxy goes into keyword research. Once you see how much Jaaxy is worth, $49 sounds like a deal.

If you find that Jaaxy is not worth the price for you, then I wish you the best of luck on finding a keyword tool that works for you.

Alternative – I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate above. Wealthy Affiliate also has access to a keyword tool for free with membership cost. It is not as in depth as Jaaxy, but it is a cheaper alternative, while you learn how to get your online business off the ground.

Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

Final Thoughts On Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the greatest keyword research tool available on the internet today. I 100% believe that because I use it everyday. I said above, if you find a better keyword tool, tell me about it in my comment section. I love to be proven wrong, prove me wrong if you believe there is something better than Jaaxy for the same price.

I believe Jaaxy is worth every cent, but if you are still debating it, I want you to try Jaaxy for free. No credit card information is needed to sign up. Just sign up, explore a little, and use your free 30 searches.

At A Final Glance … Jaaxy!

Product: Jaaxy Keyword ToolJaaxy Home Page
Price: Free, $19/month, $49/month
Website: Jaaxy.com
Overall Rating:
94 out of 100

Verdict: Worth A Try!

Sign up For Your Free Account Here!

Thank you for reading my Jaaxy review. I love to hear feedback, if you have a question or comment, feel free to leave it below. I will respond as soon as I can, usually within a few hours.


Creator Of Whodoesntlovemoney.com


6 Responses

  1. shrey says:

    How is Jaxxy different from the free keyword tools like Google Keyword planner and others available online. Is there any free keyword search websites that are as good as Jaaxy?
    What else would I get in a monthly Jaaxy membership apart from just the Keyword research tool?
    Hope I didn’t ask too many questions, just curious!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Shrey! Jaaxy is unlike any other keyword tool. Jaaxy will give you your rank under any keyword in Google. Jaaxy will also give you 30 free searches to try the keyword tool along with everything else included it in. If you decide to purchase Jaaxy, you do not have to continue your membership, if you are not pleased with the service.


  2. Mikael says:

    Hi Kenny,

    I have tried Jaaxy as a free trial myself. I do definitely like it, and would like to upgrade for the paid membership at some point. The reason I have not done it yet, is that it only provides keywords in English. I need access to a tool that also can give me insight into searches in other languages as I also have a website in another language. Do you have any suggestions for a keyword tool that can do this?


    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hi Mikael, I am glad you got a chance to try Jaaxy, I was unaware of the fact Jaaxy does not translate to other languages. As soon as I read your comment, I looked into it. Jaaxy will be upgrading, to translate multiple languages keywords for all users in the near future.

      I suggest searching around and keeping an eye on Jaaxy.


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