How To Make An Income As A Stay At Home Parent – Heres The Answer

Some of the best parents deserve this title because they decided raising their children was more important than having a job. Rising your own children at home can really put a damper on life, Mom working online and watching the kids when it comes to things you will need that cost money.

It is hard being a stay at home parent with no income.

I want to help anyone that chooses to stay at home and raise their children themselves instead of leaving their kid’s childhood memories with someone else. I know when I have my first child I want to be there as much as possible and with the way I make my income, I know I will be.

I want you to be able to bring your baby into a happy life where they can have everything they need, let me show you how.

Learn How To Be Your Own Boss From Home

So you might be the boss of your kids but wouldn’t it be great if you could be a boss of your own job. You can be the person that chooses how much you make. I am serious, you can make money and you can choose how much you want to make.

start my own online business

Choosing how much money you make is really up to how much effort you want to put into your online business, that you are going to be the boss of. If you want to be a dedicated online business owner and put 1-3 hours a day in everyday, I will guarantee you will be making money in 3-5 months.

Now I only guarantee you make a certain amount of money if you can actually do some work. You are going to be the boss, the CEO of your online business. If the CEO of Google ,Sundar Pichai,  didn’t put any effort in when he was working on Google do you think Google would be as big as it is now? What about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or even Colonel Sanders, none of them would be a big name if they didn’t … put the work in.

How To Start Your Own Online Business?

So I get it, your a stay at home parent, most of your time is spent watching the kids, but this does not stop you from being able to start your very own online business.Are you ready to start an online business?

Kids nowadays can be told to sit in front of the TV and most of the time they will do just that. With this being said, you can use that hour or two, to work on your online business. I said you only need 1-3 hours a day and you can easily be able to get that time.

Even if you have a new born, you can sit them on your lap and you work on your business.

What You Will Be Doing.

So I am making it sound pretty easy to find the time to work on your business, but how do you start?

I was in a little different position than you, but I too was looking for a way to make money at home. I simply did not want a job that I had to work for someone else’s dream. I wanted to work for my dreams! I found out just how to do that.

I am 20 by the way, so don’t think it takes years to learn how to be successful.

A few hours a day, everyday, or even every other day, 3 times a week? You get what I am saying, you choose how long and the more you put in the more you will get out.

So back to what I was saying, I was looking for a way to make money online and do what I wanted with my life. I was searching the internet for ways to do just that. I found a program that told me I could be making money by next week and I fell for it.

I was scammed.scammed

I am a regular guy who got scammed. I want you to know that… because it sucked!

I did not give up and I found a new program that taught me so much, I learn new things everyday, seriously everyday I learn something new.

I was taught how to create my very own website, the one you are on right now, how to use my website to make money, and so much in between, just keep reading.

So, after being scammed, I was gun shy of any online marketing idea, I almost let this opportunity slip away.

The number one reason I decided to sign up was, I was given a free membership. I thought what could it hurt just to try, its free. There was no credit card info needed, you just create an account, tell the community a little about yourself and follow along with the step by step lessons that show you how to create your website in any category you choose, then make it profitable.

Lets make this as simple as possible.

Wealthy Affiliate

You sign up for free to Wealthy Affiliate (The greatest opportunity ever), tell the community a few things about yourself, and watch videos that tell you exactly how to make your website profitable.

They show you generalized steps, you need to know what you are talking about on your website, a passion of yours. The more you know about your topic the more profit you can make.

I want you to read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review, read the whole thing, or skim.  I want you to take that offer after a full week of the free training. You can finish the training in less than a week but the main thing is… Finish the training! There are 10 videos that you should watch and set up your website, as you watch.

Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review

I truly want to help you start an online business so you can spend all the time with your children and make an income that will help you. This is 100% possible, 1-3 hours a day is all it takes. I hope you check out my review and the bonus at the bottom.

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you make the decision of your life and join me and thousands others making money online with Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Hope to see you on the inside,

Creator of

Kenneth Huffman Jr

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