How To Advertise My Website For Free

Do you ask yourself, “How to Advertise my business for Free”

Here are a couple 100% effective ways to Advertise my website free

Adbounds – Receive Your Free Advertisement

 This site will give you access to 1 FREE AD that you control what it says and where it leads your clientele. This ad will be displayed over and over to an unlimited amount Read More>>

IBOToolBox Learn More About Online Advertising

On IBOToolBox you can promote your website for Free. You sign up into the IBOToolBox community for free and you earn credits that you convert into impressions, For every Credit you have you can convert into 5 impressions. Each Impression   Read More>>


14 Replies to “How To Advertise My Website For Free”

  1. Hey Kenny,

    I never knew that one could get more exposure for their business with these two ad tools for free. And I am interested in doing this.

    A quick question though, how do you earn these credits that you’ll use to set the solo ad for a long time?

    1. Hey Dave, Glad you are interested. If you sign up For IBOToolbox there are daily codes you enter and receive credits, you are given 500 just for signing up. If you sign up for AdBounds, you are given one free ad that you create, either just a text ad, or a picture/banner ad, It is only a free ad if your site doesn’t advertise 3rd parties. They also have very cheap payment methods of ads that will also get you unlimited ad views. You can get 3 ads seen unlimited times a month for only $9. It is a great deal I think.


  2. Hi there! I just read your article on ways to promote your website. I like the fact that you show a couple of ways to promote your site for free that aren’t too common. We have all seen the social media tricks for getting traffic but to be honest I have never heard of IBOToolbox. I’m all for anything that can give me more exposure so I will give this a try. Thanks!

    1. I have been using IBOToolbox for about a month and it is a great place. It is a community that likes helping each other. You can get free credits everyday and use them to promote your site. I hope you do try it!


  3. Well I could definitely do with some help in getting my website in front of more eyes – some days I don’t even get over 10 visitors!
    These look like good options but I was wondering about the adverts already on your site – would these systems suit google adsense or would their be a problem at google’s end?

    1. These sites are great for getting your site more visitors for sure. Yes if you wanted to use Google AdSense, It could really help out as well.


  4. Hi there! I really needed to improve my ways of promoting my website. Right now, I am just using google plus and pinterest. I wanted to use facebook but I think that it is too broad for me. With these methods, I am just getting not enough traffic. Do you have any more suggestions on what else should I do? I would really appreciate your response.

    1. IBOToolbox and Adbounds would be a great idea to look into. You get traffic for free! Simply Sign up, create an ad and post it. Depending on the site you choose there will be an extra step to keep your ads going for Free.


  5. The 2 recommendations for promoting our websites, sound great. 🙂

    I’ve come across IBO ToolBox before and it sounds like an awesome program for generating traffic and building an online business.

    I think it’s great that credits can create impressions. However, is there also a paid option with IBO where I could get more credits for promoting my offers to an even bigger audience? 🙂


    1. Hey Neil! Thanks for the Comment. IBO does also have a payment plan to buy credits for a pretty good price. Adbounds also has a payment plan that is a great deal.


  6. Great article on a subject I have been looking into deeply recently. I have been recommended to IBOToolbox but I’m unsure as how safe they are and how they really work for internet traffic? I was wondering if you had encountered or reviewed them yet?
    Is it worth my time trying to get traffic from this sort of source?

    1. Hey Chris! IBOToolBox is very safe. The best part about free sites is that if something does end up happening to that site, you never gave out any credit card information. However, if you do decide to purchase credits from them, their website is very secure. I believe IBOToolBox to be a decent site to help you get website traffic, like everything else, it takes a little time. Check it out for yourself.

      I have written a full review for IBOToolBox. Feel free to check it out here.

  7. Hi, I’ve come across adbounds and tried posting my affiliate link so I can get some traffic from their free ad package but it seems they don’t accept affiliate links. Please if I create a landing page for my affiliate link will they accept it? Thanks.

    1. Hey Greg, sorry for the complication you are having. When I first tried Adbounds the same thing happened to me. I suggest creating a landing page that will direct your visitors to your affiliate links but not including any on that landing page. You are also able to promote any page on your site if you purchase one of their promotion plans, those can really help you out as well. Get back to me when you get a chance.



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