How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? You Can Too!

Every YouTuber is different and they all make different amounts of money!

The main thing that differs between YouTubers is the amount of traffic they get to their videos. Traffic is what makes them money. If you can create a video, either informational or entertainment and get people to watch it. You can make money!

First, let me show you a chart that compares Wealthy Affiliate to a combination of competitors, that try to teach people like yourself, how to make money online.

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How YouTubers Make Money!

Once you have an audience, you need to monetize that audience. So you know those advertisements you are forced to sit through every video… yeah those are what make the Youtubers money. Depending on the views, is how much you make.

Most Successful YouTubers Understand Marketing! 

You must learn how to market to make a whole lot more money! This day and age is all about marketing.

You know those guys you think are “scams”, well they probably worked pretty hard and learned how to market. If it was a YouTuber you knew, you would probably believe it.

If you can understand online marketing, you can use YouTube and many, many other ways to make money online!


The #1 Way To Make Money Online!

Create A Website!

You have probably seen or heard a bunch of YouTubers list or mention their website in their videos or in the description.

You Know Why?!?!

They are actually making money many ways. YouTube is often just one way to create an income and most of the time, the income comes from getting people from search results, paid ads, and their YouTube videos to their website.

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