How To Start An Online Business In Washington State

I am a 20 year old and a life long resident of Washington State. I have spent my whole life getting through the wet and cold Fall and Winters, but I Love to enjoy the beautiful Springs and Summers.

This is truly an amazing State to live in because of all the nature, but Washington State is home to many Tech Giants, for example Microsoft and Amazon. Washington State is an amazing place to get a start on an online business.

Online businesses do not have to turn into a Tech Giant, but they are more than capable. Online businesses can be used as side jobs, a way to make extra cash, or even be made into full time careers.

The only difference between those options is the amount of time and effort put into your online business. It is truly a business and you must care for it at first until it is capable of supporting itself and making you money.

How much?

That depends on how much time and effort you put into:

  • Choosing An Interest (A Passion)
  • Building A Website (Simple)
  • Gaining Traffic (Important)
  • Earning Profit ($$$)

I can tell you right now, I followed the step by step videos at Wealthy Affiliate and learned how online marketing works and apply it everyday through my own websites.

You Can Create A Profitable Website That Is About Your Passion!

Do not be sold by other companies that only want to teach you to sell their products. Learn how to sell products from multiple companies and make way more money.

You just have to take the time to learn. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership, that I recommend you sign up for, there is no credit card required for the free membership. You will learn enough by the end of the free membership tutorials, to know if online business is for you.

I am a proud life long Washington resident and I am the owner of two successful online businesses. You can find out if you can make a living for yourself online if you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and give their free trial a try!