How Can You Make Money Online Without Getting Scammed – Know The Signs

I want to help you learn how to make money online, without getting scammed.scammed

One of the biggest parts of making money online, is knowing the difference between a scam and a legit operation.

I am part of a legit operation that teaches Website Building and Monetizing mainly with Affiliate Marketing, that can lead to a part time income, or a full time income.

Not Sure What Affiliate Marketing Is? (Click Here, To Read My Breakdown Of Affiliate Marketing).

What Is A Scam And How To Avoid It!

Before you sign up for anything, do a little research first. You will find most of the time, you will not find much info to back up a scam.avoid scams

Scams can be easy to avoid, if you know how…

A scam can be detected in these following ways:

  • Payment Before Product
  • Selling The Dream
  • Pyramid Scheme

Those are the Basic Scams you should be on the look for.

Payment Before Product – If you are interested in a program, but they are telling you, you need to give credit card information, in order to learn this, without any proof of what they have is good or not! That is a scam just waiting for you. Always take a free trial if available, to test the program for yourself.

Selling The Dream – If you ever have a thought about joining up with the guy that is telling you that, you can make this $$$ much money in your first month, all you got to do is this…

Yeah don’t fall for that either. Always make sure they have a real product that is worth your time. Combine that with no product and there you it, a have a huge scam, just waiting for you to be suckered in.

Pyramid Scheme – This depends where you sit on the pyramid of the scheme. If can somehow sign up into a program that pays you to get people under you, and they get people under them and so on and so on, and sign up in the top of the pyramid, you’re going to be rich!

Now if you end up like most others that joined a pyramid scheme and ended up on the bottom, where you are asking people, that have already been asked to join a hundred times, by others, then you will probably end up like everyone else in the bottom with you.

Broke and Depressed

Don’t End Up Broke And Depressed! Join Wealthy Affiliate!

The Best Part Of This Post! What Is Wealthy Affiliate!

Okay, so I brought you to this page to tell you how to make money without getting scammed. I want to tell you about Wealthy Affiliate. This is worth a minute of your time to read this.

I was like you once, I was searching for a way to make money online, while avoiding scams. Well I figured out the money part… But, I had to go through the scam part first…

I was lured into a website that sold road side assistance (MCA), they got me hooked on the fact, that I could make money by getting people to sign up under me, all while receiving road side assistance!… at a higher rate.

I was so excited, they got me to fill out a bunch of papers, tax things, and I was ready to change my financial future! I was prepared to do what ever it took to make money with them.

The main downfall, I was ready to do what ever it took, but I wasn’t showed how to do anything, other than post things on my Facebook. They told me to make a website, that I did, but after that, they never told me how to use my website.

A Website Is The Main Way To Make Money Online! 

So I was told I had to have the most important way to make money online, but never learned how to use it. I was so confused with the concept of a website…

But look at me now! I have this website here, I created it all on my own. Well I was shown how, but everything on this site is 100% my creation. I learned how to build websites and how to use them to make money.

My Other Affiliate Websites:

This Is What Wealthy Affiliate Does!

I was so lost on the fact of a website before Wealthy Affiliate, but now I know things about making money online, I had never imagined learned, for example:

Wealthy Affiliate Rank Proof
You Can Find Me Moving Around In The Top 200 Of  Wealthy Affiliate’s Activity Meter Rankings.
  • Creating Websites
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Use Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How To A Use Keyword Tools
  • Pay Per Click Hyper Targeting Strategies
  • Google AdSense/AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Social Media Marketing

These are just some of the things I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate. I am an active member at Wealthy Affiliate, helping new members and current members, all while gaining new twists on ideas for my own site.

Okay, so what am I telling you?

I want you to know Wealthy Affiliate does not fit any of the scams above. Wealthy Affiliate even offers you a free trial. That is what hooked me on Wealthy Affiliate!

I thought no credit card and free info, what can go wrong. Absolutely nothing has, I am now a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, that works on my own websites ever day.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate (With Video)

I want you to have a little faith in yourself and me. If you are still reading this, you want to make money online. I want you to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you will be given your free trial with 10 free lessons from 2 courses (20 Free Lessons) and 2 free websites for you to follow along with the videos.


Creator Of Who Doesn’t Love Money Dot Com


6 Replies to “How Can You Make Money Online Without Getting Scammed – Know The Signs”

  1. Hi there Kenny,

    Scams are getting harder and harder to detect these days, but if you know all the signs you’ll be safe for sure. Staying away from scams can save you thousands of dollars, so thorough research on any “opportunity” you find online (or offline, for that matter) is imperative.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent training resource. I started there last May and began earning money in early July. 🙂

    1. Hey Ian! Thanks for the comment! I really want to help anyone that reads my content, and I want to help them detect scams, at the same time, showing them, Wealthy Affiliate is a scam free environment. The free trial is what got me, and I bet you too.

      That’s great you started making money so fast. About 3 months is what I have always heard, and that’s about what it took me.


  2. Hi Kenny,

    One thing I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that it teaches people how to navigate their way around the internet. I have learned so much more from WA in a few months compared to what I learned on my own for several years. If one follows the lessons strictly, it is very possible to start earning an income in 3-6 months.

    1. Hey Norma! I’m so glad I have another person to back me up on Wealthy Affiliate.Wealthy Affiliate I can’t imagine working for someone else! I love everything I learned and I know exactly what you mean about learning so much more about the internet in just a few months compared to years on your own!
      Wealthy Affiliate is the best program ever to earn money!


  3. Hi Kenny

    The most deceptive scams are the ones that prey on peoples hopes and dreams and offer them a quick fix. I have fallen for them before and they are slick marketers who make it seem that earning money on the internet is easy.
    This is what differentiates Wealthy Affiliate from the rest, they don’t give you false promises,just first class training, and support with an ever-improving learning platform that makes heavy use of technology.
    All the best to your endeavours.

    1. That is very well said about Wealthy Affiliate, its a place to learn and a place to use as a home base for your website(s). Some people get scammed online and give up all together. I want everyone to at least try Wealthy Affiliate, go through the free training, find out if it is truly worth their time. Any idea can be made into a profitable website!

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