How To Make Money Online For Dummies – Yes Even You

Hey there! I am pretty sure you are looking for a way that you can make money online. I’m going to tell you this right now, You can make money online! I want you to know that anyone who can put time and effort into something will become successful at it if they keep at it.

How to Make Money Online!

Making money online is capable in many ways. I want to focus on one way that ANYONE, seriously anyone, can use to make money.

The one way I want to show you is AFFILIATE MARKETING. Affiliate marketing is honestly so easy. You need no product, need to spend no money on a product, All you need is a little knowledge on a certain product. Affiliate marketers use websites that they build to promote products that others are selling.

Example: Lets say I know a ton about cars, car parts, performance parts, etc. I need to own none of these parts, All I need to do is find a company that sells these parts and sign up for their affiliate program (FOR FREE) I then use my website(s) to tell people my opinion of the parts I think they should use or the parts they shouldn’t use. If someone decides to take my word on a part that I Think is worth the money and buy that part, That company will then pay me a commission (4-85%).


I want to show you a video that will explain this process in more detail. The site that the video is on is Called Wealthy Affiliate. Scroll down to read what I have to say about Wealthy Affiliate. Click the banner to watch the video of how Affiliate Marketing Works. A sign up will pop up, you do not need to sign up yet, either sign up and watch the video or hit the “x” at the top right of the sign up pop up and watch the video.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

My Opinion… YES. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me earn money online and you can start for FREE. With Wealthy Affiliate, you learn to build websites, how to profit from websites, how to set up professional emails, and have 24/7 help. If you have a question you can ask it and it will be answered within minutes. Did I mention you can sign up for all of this for FREE. Click Here to Read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate

Have you Ever wanted a website?

A website of your very own that you can put what you want on and have people come just to read your opinion, that very opinion that can influence others to buy a product you are promoting that will earn you money.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to create your own site, matter of fact create two websites for FREE. Kyle, the creator of Wealthy Affiliate, will walk you through, step by step, on how to create your website and how to make it so you generate traffic. Traffic is key to making money online. Kyle Teaches you everything. You know that video I told you to watch above, That’s Kyle telling you how it works. He is very good at explaining. If you didn’t watch it yet, go click that banner above.

Skeptical still?

Ehh.. Sounds Too Good..

If you are still a little skeptical, let me try to convince you a little more. You know how I have said this is all free a few times, It is. You need no credit card to sign up.

If you decide to sign up which of course I hope you do, all you need to do is tell the community a little about yourself.

I am serious it is a community. Imagine it as Facebook for people that all share the same interest, making money online. Everyone there is willing to help you out. There is a live chat that is open 24/7 and there is always someone there to answer your question.

I want to offer you this. If you decide to sign up, go to that live chat and ask every single question you have. You will get a welcome message from me upon sign up, ask me every question you have, I want to help you and so does everyone in the community.

You receive the level 1 certification videos for free. In these videos, Kyle (The Creator) will show you how to use all the tools at WA and how to get your site up and running. If you decide to give it a try I ask one thing…

Finish all those videos and get your site set up. I want to give you a link for sign up. It will show you a picture of me and a little message. There are no secrets to hide.

Click Here To Sign Up For Free


Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate First

I hope I hear all your questions soon!



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