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There are many different people in the world and they all sImage result for get rich quickhare one of two thought processes on how they expect to achieve their goals. The two thought processes that people have are slow and steady, the ones who are willing to put time and effort into something, and there are the ones who expect fast and now. I actually think everyone one who rather have the fast and now, but their are the realists that understand that doesn’t always work out the greatest.

I can tell you right now, realistically, If you would like to start a unique online business that will earn you a monthly income I can assure you it can be done. (it can be slow)


How To Make Money Online Fast

There are so many different programs and plans out there with these huge guarantees. Make thousands of dollars in days or make this much in a month, Ehh all mostly scams… Blah

All these plans want all the “hopeful” people to come, the ones that want to put in ZERO effort and get huge returns. They are going to tell you that you can earn money ultra fast The truth of the matter is that those plans are most likely schemes or scams. They are going to require you to get someone to buy the very same thing that you bought, the main goal is basically selling nothing and earing lots.

There are so many of these programs that are popping up everywhere online. Most of these scams are being found and the people responsible are being arrested, Yeah that don’t seem fun. They are found pretty easily, usually because they are:

Making Scandalous Revenue Claims

You see everywhere on the internet now a days of people who claim to have made $100,000 just in one day, you see them buying a new Ferrari or jumping into their huge pool at their mansion. You see them holding their stacks of money, or showing their profits on a chart. These are the people who I call “Scandalous” internet marketers.

These horrible people make their money on the sheer faith of others. I really do not like these people. They simply get a persons attention with fancy or expensive items and make them think that they can have the same if they follow their footsteps. Most of the time the process they did is not even shown to the poor gullible client. They simply get scammed and fork out tons of money to learn and earn nothing.

Here is are some examples of what I mean:


Image result for make money quickPyramid Schemes:

A pyramid scheme is when you are sold on a product that you arPyramid Scheme Scamse told will earn you money buy selling to others below you. Every person below you will also earn you money when they get another person below them. The more people that get below you, the more money you will earn.

I myself was conned into one of these pyramid schemes. I spent time and money that resulted in my disappointment. I was told how to put money pictures on Facebook telling everyone (my friends and family) how I was able to earn it. If I was able to get them under me then I would make a monthly profit, basically I would be taking money from the people I know! I am so glad I got out of that. All I was doing was paying a monthly fee that was going into someone else’s pocket. I can only tell you how glad I am to be out of that.


Good Ol’ Spamming, Just kidding, who likes spam. You know that folder in your email that you never check? Yeah that’s the spam folder, Your email provider most likely does a pretty good job at keeping the unwanted mail in there.

Spamming is such a simple way to scam people out of their money. All someone needs to do is leave some information open for so long or for you to put your information into an unknown site and boom that spam folder is full, even your home mail box can be full of spam mail.

I can only assure you this: If you don’t check your spam folder or reply to letters you don’t know the sender, You will not be scammed and the less you reply the less they will send. Do Not Give Out Your Personal Info!

Tricking the New Guy:

Whenever there is a new person at anything, They are always the most susceptible to believing anything. If you told me I could gain 20 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks with this new supplement, I would not believe you one bit. I have spent years working on building muscle so I have a little knowledge on how it works. If I was new to lifting and was told I could gain that much muscle that quick, Well why wouldn’t I want to try that?

When ever a new person gets tricked into buying something, especially when they had such high hopes, They wonder “How could I be so Stupid?” and most of the time never try something that sounds too good to be true again. This happens a lot in the internet marketing world. Once they get scammed they think that online marketing isn’t for them. I truly feel sorry for the hopeful ones who had their dreams crushed.

Okay, Enough of the Bad News. There are some ways that Money can be made REAL and fun on the internet. If you can build your business online you can make money.

How To Make Money Online For Real

(Its Called An Online Business)

There are actualy safe and efficient ways to make money online. I am going to bet if you have been in the online opportunity world for any amount of time, you have most likely came across one of the scams I mentioned above.

There is still hope for you. I am going to walk you through the steps necessary to building an Online Business. When I say business I truly mean it. Think of a store down the street from you, they are making money. You can have the same thing online in minimal time and money.

I am telling you that in order to create an online business you do not need to spend $1000s on education, tools, websites, hosting, lead generators, traffic, etc. to create, grow and manage a very successful business online.

I want to tell you the easiest way to Learn, Start and Thrive on The Internet.

Make Money With Niche Websites:

A niche is a category that you know a good amount about. A niche website is a site that you build with the knowledge you have. A niche can be anything from baby clothes, to hamster supplies.

There are a countless number of successful niches out there that can earn you money. This is a highly taught method at Wealthy Affiliate, A site that has shown thousands of people how to build a successful niche website. Wealthy Affiliate can give you the tools and know how to get a successful Niche Website up and creating you real money in just months.

The Niche website process (so simple)

(1) Choose a niche
(2) Build a website
(3) Write good content on your website (that leads to rankings/traffic)
(4) Monetize your traffic (the make $$ part)

  • Cost of Entrance: Less than $50 No Experience Needed
  • Advised Training: Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a simple process that earns you money. If you decide to become an Affiliate Marketer, you will sign up to become an affiliate of any site that has an affiliate Program, Lets Use and, If you sign up for their affiliate program (For Free), you will generate traffic to your site that will then redirect that traffic back to their site. If someone who clicked on your site and was sent to theirs, buys something, you will receive a percentage back for the product that was sold.

The amazing thing about Affiliate Marketing is, You Do Not Need To Own Any Product! Every dollar you earn is paid to you from commission. All you need to do is promote product(s) from the affiliate website and convince people that they are great products to buy. THEN YOU GET PAID! Of course you will need to show some knowledge on these products, you want your audience to trust you and revisit your site because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

There Is ZERO Cost to Join Legitimate Affiliate Programs

If you can combine your Niche Website I mentioned  above, with an affiliate program, The amount of Revenue is endless. Take Advantage of Great Affiliate programs that pay up to 85% commission!

  • The Cost Of Entrance: Less than $50 No Experience Needed
  • Advised Training: Wealthy Affiliate  

Make Money Selling Products On EBay

Now I mentioned above that you can become an Affiliate of EBay, But if you use it the way it started up and was initially used for, Selling your unwanted items, You can also Make a great profit that way.

You are probably like everyone else and have a closet full of unwanted items that you just can’t throw away. All those items are most like unwanted by you, But I almost guarantee there is someone out there that would like them and is willing to pay money for them. Get on EBay, List your unwanted items and Make $$$.

  • Cost Of Entrance: Unwanted Items and a small listing fee (less than a few Dollars)
  • Recommended Website:

There you have it. The Get Quick Rich plans that you see everywhere on the internet are most likely to get you hurt (in your wallet and self esteem). The possibility of making money online is 100% real though. Although you are not going to see money over night like the scams tell you, I will guarantee if you build a real business online and stick with it, You will see the money.

The one site that I 100% believe in to show you how to build your online business is Wealthy Affiliate 

Money Claims that are made to make you money overnight are scams, Online Businesses (Niche, Affiliate)  are legitimate ways to create a wealth Using the internet. If you have unneeded items sell them on  You can create a real profit online, Please don’t get scammed.

If you would like more help with creating your online business, I would be more than happy to help you!

If you have any questions or comments about how Money can be made online feel free to leave your feedback below!

Thanks for Reading


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