What Is Digital Altitude By Aspire? Full Review!

Digital Altitude

Product: Aspire – Digital Altitude

Price: $1 trial then $37/month

Website: Digitalaltitude.co

Overall Rating: 40 out of 100

What Is Digital Altitude About?

I am going to be pretty honest, as I am with all my reviews. Digital Altitude is a pretty decent program, they are not as good as my program, but they are good.

Digital Altitude is an online marketing training course that claims you will be able to make $9,000 a day. I 100% believe they can teach you that, the one thing that doesn’t matter no matter how much training you get is, are you willing to put in what it takes to make that much money?

Online marketing is a real thing that real people do every single day and make a lot of money with it. I am talking a billion dollar industry, there is only a 5% group of people that split that money each year. That 5% could include you if you sign up for a program like Digital Altitude.

Pros Vs Cons

Pros Vs Cons


  • $1 Starter Trial
  • Decent Training
  • Decent Monthly Price


  • No Websites
  • No Hosting
  • No Free Trial

I want to compare my program that taught me to make money online with Digital Altitude! Read The Chart Below!


Who Is Digital Altitude Intended for?

Money Success

Digital Altitude was created to help others learn how to make a lot of money on the internet! It is possible to make A LOT of money on the internet! The only thing that holds you back is the right training.

Digital Altitude sells their program on the fact that the creator is making over $9,000 a day, he claims he made $25,000 when he was on vacation and didn’t touch his computer once.

I want make a quick comment on that. I do believe that he makes that much money, but that is only because he knows all the right steps of online marketing. The teacher should not be the one gloating about how much he makes.

The teacher should gloat about how much their students make! Successful students equals successful teacher. Now not every teacher is a good teacher. This is why I recommend you avoid joining Digital Altitude.

Wealthy Affiliate, the program I compared Digital Altitude above, has many more success stories and more and more every single day! This means the teacher (Kyle, the owner), is a very good teacher. He loves helping people every day! The owner of Wealthy Affiliate is available for you to talk to every single day! Digital Altitude does not offer that.

Does Digital Altitude Offer Good TraininTrainingg?

Digital Altitude is not the best online marketing training program available, but if you are interested in learning from them, they can teach you some good stuff!

Online marketing is a crazy world and it is not fun to wander into on your own. It is nice to have someone lead you into it, whether its a good guide or not, you will still get a taste for the online marketing world.

The real difference is, do you want to pay $1 for maybe a good trainer or do you want to try the best online marketing training on the internet for free?! Wealthy Affiliate gives you a 100% free trial of the first stage of the training. You will have access to:

  • 2 Free Websites
  • 10 Free Videos (To Help You With Your Sites)
  • Live Chat (Ask Every Question You Have)
  • Free Webhosting
  • Keyword Research Tool

This is all included in the 100%, no credit card required, free trial at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you want the best online marketing training?!

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Does Digital Altitude Offer Great Support?

tech support

The best programs out there always have a great support team sitting behind them, to solve any customer issues.

Customer support is one of the biggest factors in online marketing training. The real question is, where can you ask your questions.

Digital Altitude has a decent support team, but one thing they lack, is a live chat.

Live chatting can be one of the quickest ways to get a problem solved quickly. The live chat at Wealthy Affiliate is full of members including the creators themselves. The members, including myself, use the live chat to help each other out, with questions or maybe if you just get stuck, Wealthy Affiliate has the best support out there!

Is Digital Altitude Worth The Price?

I believe Digital Altitude to be a little expensive for the lack of tools they supply you for the membership price. It is also a bit disheartening to know they can’t trust you enough to like their program, that they make sure you pay before you see anything!

Now, $1 is not that much for your trial, but isn’t free better?

Wealthy Affiliate lets you try their system for free, you will really get a sense for online marketing and by the time you have to pay for anything, you will know whether or not online marketing is for you.

The “automated money” plan that Digital Altitude offers,  does take quite a while before it spits you out any money, but $37 a month for a program is not too bad. Wealthy Affiliate is $49 a month, slightly more expensive but with many more tools included, but you are allowed to try for free with no credit card to create a starter membership.

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My Final Thoughts On Digital Altitude By Aspire

I want to tell you that, if you choose Digital Altitude as your online marketing, financial freedom coach. You may be spending a lot more time and effort, that may result in complete failure.

It is just plain and simple, no one has better success than the members of Wealthy Affiliate that are willing to learn and put in effort. Online marketing is a journey and you really need the right place that has all the right tools to help you succeed.

At A Final Glance … Digital Altitude

Product: Aspire – Digital Altitude
Price: $1 trial then $37/month
Website: Digitalaltitude.co
Overall Rating: 40 out of 100

Verdict: More Success At Wealthy Affiliate

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I always like to thank my readers for taking the time to read my posts! I really hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below, along with any comments.


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8 Replies to “What Is Digital Altitude By Aspire? Full Review!”

  1. Hi Kenny – thanks for the article comparing Digital Altitude to Wealthy Affiliate. I’m with you on the need for a free trial. I generally distrust businesses that won’t let you “see under the kimono” before you buy, because they should be confident with what they are selling. 9,000 a month sounds like a crazy amount of money to make online, though – do you really think that’s possible even with the Wealthy Affiliate program?

    1. Hey, Thanks for the comment! Digital Altitude is a pretty good program to learn online marketing, but it can not stand up to Wealthy Affiliate with their website hosting, domains, and step by step lessons! I think it is more than possible to make $9000 a month, it all depends on your time and effort, you put it in, great things will come!


  2. Hello Keny. Thank you for sharing this information. I couldn’t decide which site to join but then I joined Wealthy Affiliate and now i totally agree with you. Sometimes a free trial is needed so you can know what you are dealing with. Many sites don’t have tutorials and support 24/7, but WA has it all.



    1. Hey Kristina! Wealthy Affiliate was definitely the right choice for me, and obviously you as you said.

      Wealthy Affiliate is simply amazing because it offers everything needed to become successful online and the free trial is what really hooked me. I want more people to try Wealthy Affiliate and use their passion to start making money online. People deserve to live the life they want, not one where they work for someone else’s dream their whole life.

      Best of luck to you!


  3. Hi Kenny,
    When I hear this it just makes me laugh. $9000 / day? Is this guy serious? The monthly membership isn’t excessive but are there any other upsells? I like how Wealthy Affiliate has live chat and better support and it seems to offer more. But if Digital Altitude isn’t offering free websites then what do they offer? Do they teach you how to build an online business like at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hey Craig, $9,000 a day is not too far out of the ball park for internet marketers. Depending on how much time and dedication put into your online business.

      Digital Altitude is similar to Wealthy Affiliate, except they do not have the same website building platform. They use a 3rd party website and send you there. They can teach you to make money but Wealthy Affiliate is a much better deal, with all the great tools and helpful tutorials, let along the thousands of helpful other online entrepreneurs.

      Wealthy Affiliate is number one when it comes to learning how to make a living online.


  4. I thought Digital Altitude was another pyramid scheme or MLM. I read about it and i don’t know what the heck are they selling? If the only way to make money is to have someone sign up under you, then to me that is a pyramid scheme and nothing else.

    1. You are very correct about a pyramid scheme being a pyramid scheme. Knowing where to start an online business is the number one thing anyone should know. Scams are everywhere, you will never earn $10,000 in a month by signing up. You can earn $10,000 a month if you start an online business and put time and effort into it. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn and start your online business.


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