Do You Know Your Finacial Future? Take This Quiz

Test Your Knowledge About Your Financial Future |

This Quiz is very brief, self timed, and self scored. Answer as honest as you can and really think about your answers and if you don’t have an answer, think why don’t you have an answer.

Are You Happy With Your Job Right Now?

  • Boss
  • Duties
  • Wage

If you have an issue with any of those 3 things, take note of how many and count them each as one point.

Do You Have Any Plans For Your Future?

  • Family
  • Dream Job
  • Vacations

Now take those 3 things and think as hard as you can about If you actually have any idea what or how you are going to do those. If you have a full proof plan for any of those, don’t count them as a point, but if you really aren’t sure what you want to do or how you are going to do them, count each of the ones you are unsure about as a point.

Are You Educated… About Anything?

  • Do You Know How To Fix Something? (Hard)
  • Did You Go To College? (Actually To Learn)
  • Do People Actually Listen To You About Certain Topics?

Educated People are usually the ones who figure out how to get their future under control and ensure they can have a great life, but educated people also understand that certain jobs won’t allow them to make as much as their dreams cost. Often times, finding boring jobs that pay amazing but kill the vibe of your actual life.

If you were not able to say yes to any of those questions, you need to do something more with your life, but there is a good chance that you were able to say yes to at least one. Count each one that doesn’t apply to you as one point.

This is a short quiz with a opportunity of 9 possible points. The more points you have, the more you do not understand about yourself and need to learn more things and think about yourself more.

The closer to zero you are the better you understand yourself and your future.

0-3 Points – You Should Not Be Taking This Quiz!

4-6 Points – You Should Be Checking Out How To Start An Online Business*

7-9 Points – You Have Some Soul Searching To Do

Thanks, For Taking This Quick Quiz, If you happened to land in the 4-6 Range:

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6 Replies to “Do You Know Your Finacial Future? Take This Quiz”

  1. Hello Kenny,

    Great article and interesting quiz! After completing your quiz, I realized Online Business really is the way to go!

    I mean, who wants to work a regular day job and have to answer to some boss?

    Why does anyone want another person to dictate how much they can earn?

    Thanks for making me realize,

    1. Hey Eric, I’m glad you liked my quiz, you must have fell into the 4-6 Range.

      Having a boss that limits how much you can earn is really limits you to how you can live. I know what its like to have a boss that tells you when and how to live your life, but I started my own online businesses to get out of that life.

      Life changing moments happen whenever you are willing to realize, you are not doing what you really want to, and the only way to change the direction you are going to do take a step in a new direction! Online marketing is a new direction that many people need to realize is a real direction.

      Thanks for taking my quiz and taking the time to tell me how you liked it!

      Honestly, Who Doesnt Love Money

      Creator Of

  2. Thanks to your article, it let me go through, again, what is important in my life.

    We are maybe not satisfied with jobs, bosses, wages and current status, but not too many people take action to make things changed.

    Your article gives an answer and introduces how to make money online. I am interested in learning more!

    1. Everyone complains about their life, literally, but like you said, not too many people want to change it. I chose to change mine and be the role model to look up to in my family and as I have been going on my online adventure, tons of other people as well.

      When you learn to build a website and help people, people will listen to what you have to recommend for products, give them a link and earn commission, on any product (There’s over 500 million products online!).

      My #1 Recommendation at the top of the menu will tell you how you can start your own website and learn to make profit with it, I can help you the whole way!

      Hope to hear from you on the inside!


      Creator Of

  3. Hi Kenny, really nice and simple quiz you’ve got here!

    From a young age, I haven’t liked the idea of having a boss and instead being my own boss because it feels so much better having your own ways of doing things rather than having to deal with someone of higher authority.

    Do you think it’s a legitimate plan to work for someone first, get some experience and later on being your own boss, or do you think starting from scratch and experimenting yourself is better?

    Looking forward to your reply!

    1. I agree with you 100%, since I was a young kid, I always saw the top person or the owner, and how they made so much more money from others doing work. I always wanted that power. I do think its a good thing to know how to work before starting your own business, but it’s not required. There are a lot of things I am glad I was able to do because of real jobs I’ve had.

      There are a ton more things that I am glad I learned online. I think that is the #1 thing you need, a want to learn more. When you learn how a business works and how you can start one online, the whole online world really opens up and becomes more and more clear with the more you learn, almost like taking a step back, focusing, seeing the picture and realizing there is still more to see, so you back up again (Learn More), and refocus over and over until its a giant clear picture with your own business built right next to the picture, except you built it your way.

      I do believe anyone can start a successful online business at any age, Ehh, over 16 years old or so, depending on their ability to learn.

      Glad to hear we are on the same page!

      Honestly, Who Doesnt Love Money?

      Creator Of

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