How To Save $700 – The Simple Way

Money May Not Buy Happiness But It Can Help You Achieve It!

How To Save $700 – The Simple Way

September 17, 2017 Money Idea 1
How To Save $700 - The Simple Way |

How To Save $700 - The Simple Way |

When you think of money, well… you love it… Who Doesnt Love Money? That’s the name of my site and that’s what this article is about, saving money, so you have more to love!

Of course you want more money, but you are always forced to spend it. Here’s a big question for you… When you spend cash at a store, or a restaurant, and then you receive your change… Now I’m not talking about the dollars you get back, I’m talking about the actual change, the jingly stuff… When you receive your Change, What do you do with it?

Here are the main things I see done with Change in my everyday life.

  • Thrown On The Ground
  • Tossed In The Cup Holder
  • Donated Or Used As A Tip
  • Saved/Reused

Now, everything depends on who you are, what situation you are in, and whether or not you really want that Change back. But Change is still money, and like the name of this site… Who Doesnt Love Money?!

I want to focus on the Saved/Reused Change. This is Change that when stuck with other Change, unites to make Lots of Change! Now, only a little bit of Change is basically useless, unless you want a piece of candy or something out of some machine, but when Change unites to become Lots of Change, well then Lots Of Change matters and is actually worth something.

When you can take your Change and separate it out and save it, Your Change will add up and become worth so much more than you would ever imagine!

Now, onto the saving $700 part…

When you can collect all your Change and separate out all the Dimes and make sure you put every one of your Dimes into a 2 Litter Bottle, you will end up with around $700. The even better part about saving up your Dimes, is really…, how often do you pay with dimes? They are just that easy to put away into your two litter bottle to save.

Once you have $700, go cash those Dimes in and have fun with your money. Spend it on whatever you want, because saving money is awesome, especially for Anyone Who Loves Money!

Thanks for checking out how to save $700, Change adds up, but Dimes are the ones that will surprise you!

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Honestly… Who Doesn’t Love Money?

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One Response

  1. Briana says:

    Wow I love this idea. When I was a kid my dad always threw all of his change in one of those 5 gallon Sparklettes bottles. Me and my brother would go through and dig out the quarters when we wanted extra lunch money or something but I never thought anything else of it.
    Even though I don’t use cash very often, I always seem to have change laying around the house, my car, my purse…. It’s like it just appears and I look at it as an inconvenience instead of something of value. Having a place to put just some of it and be able to save up such a significant amount of money really is a great idea that pretty much anyone should be able to do.

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