How To Make Money Online With The WWE

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How To Make Money Online With The WWE

July 11, 2017 Money Idea 5
How To Make Money Online With The WWE

I have been a WWE fan since I was a kid, I remember going to grade school and during recess talking about the match Batista had the night before, while my friend would always talk about Rey Mysterio. Both of them are gone now, but I still have my today’s favorites, I really like Enzo Amore, Bada Boom, Realist guy in the room! I liked Big Cass too, until, well you know, he booted Enzo in the face and pinned him at Great Balls Of Fire!

WWE has been on the decline with rating for years, especially now that chair shots to the head are illegal, they can’t have too much blood, and its all talk, the ratings are lower than ever. Remember one of the bloodiest match in WWE history, John Cena Vs JBL? I do! That was awesome! That is what got ratings!

WWE Ratings

So, what does that leave left for WWE superstars? Well a lot more technical wrestling, a lot more high-flying, a lot more talking… and a lot more marketing.

There is no doubt in my mind that WWE will be around for many more years to come. There is one thing that the new WWE understands a lot better than the old WWE, and this is because the old WWE didn’t need it! That is marketing.

The WWE has changed their whole attitude, instead of trying to make all the money by telling people to buy Pay Per Views from your local provider, they created their own Network that requires a monthly membership fee. WWE Network, changed the game for The WWE. If you can’t get a whole bunch of people to pay the large PPV price, then get a whole lot of people paying a much smaller price, every single month.

Another thing that The WWE has really started to emphasis, is using the WWE superstars to sell more products, market more products. You hear do it all the time, New Day is amazing at it! Do you really think The New Day would last as long as they have, if they weren’t selling so many shirts! They have so much different merchandise, they are the face of the WWE marketing plan for a reason!

The WWE has lost a ton of viewers because they no longer have blood and gore like the old days, but they are still managing to make a lot of money with their remarkably smaller audience. Money that can be shared with you, if you know what you are doing.

Making money online is one of the biggest fantasies in so many peoples eyes, everyone thinks its impossible to do without scamming people. This is why I said WWE will share money with you IF you know what you are doing.

WWE Merchandise Profits

Making Money Online With The WWE is a real thing, it is just like The New Day, if you can recommend people to buy products from the WWE shop or buy a WWE Network membership, WWE will pay you a commission of the sales. This is called affiliate marketing, The New Day doesn’t get paid the same way you will because they are actually in the ring putting on a show, but you can do the same marketing as them and get paid behind the scenes!

The basics of affiliate marketing is creating a website that is surrounded by one topic, this case it would be WWE, you can talk about an individual wrestler, say Dean Ambrose, your whole website can be about his apparel, his action figures, or you can tie in multiple wrestlers with their merchandise on your site. Anything that is part of The WWE Affiliate program can be used to make you commission.


So there it is, if you want to make money online with WWE, you need to learn to create a website, and learn how to sell WWE merchandise on your site.

Learn To Create Websites And Sell Merchandies To Make Money Online (Without Ever Touching Products)

If you have any questions about how you can use WWE to make money online, leave me a comment below. This is a real option to make money online, put the work in and it will pay off!


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5 Responses

  1. Dr. Carl Welliver says:

    I enjoyed walking down memory lane as I read through the site and honestly never thought of marketing such things as WWE. But after reading your page I guess we really can promote just about anything we just need to think about what is possible, and the WWE has a huge fan base so I wish you well in the niche.

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      The WWE has made quite the name for themselves with a brand as big as them, I want to help people recognize the opportunities there are to make money with products that they love to watch and talk about in their everyday lives. Making money with affiliate marketing is all about promoting and if you watch WWE today, they promote very well, helping anyone looking to promote The WWE that much easier!

      Glad my post helped you with a stroll down memory lane!



  2. I am trying to start a wrestling t shirt page, but will be adding other merchandise to it as well. I only have Amazon affiliation so far because I didn’t see the WWE affiliate link on their page. You don’t by any chance have the location where I can find it do you?

    • Hi Jason, when you have a website, it is best to shape it around one idea or niche, since your site is wrestling-t-shirts, you can use literally any t shirt that is in The WWE Shop, if you sign up for WWE’s Affiliate program you will have no problem selling WWE merchandise, t-shirts at first, but you can even expand into more WWE related items, but just shirts is more enough for a profitable online business.

      Amazon is a great affiliate, I use Amazon as well, but if you want to get into higher commission rates and better pay outs for each sale, look more into direct affiliate programs like WWE’s. I found a link that talks about WWE’s affiliate program, check this out, WWE Affiliate Program .

      Hey Jason, I might as well ask, are you caught up on the latest affiliate marketing training? I am part of a program called “Wealthy Affiliate”, you learn all the latest training and have access to the best hosting, support and overall website experience. It is also an affiliate program that helps literally any website, so if you have any time to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate, I would be more than happy to help you on the inside to transfer your site over and get in on the latest training.

      Here Is My Wealthy Affiliate Review Link! Click Here!

      I hope this helped you out, thanks for the comment Jason!


      CEO Of

      • Kenny,
        Thanks for the reply, I am actually a premium member of WA and that’s how I found your article was from following instructions in one of the lessons. And I am checking out that WWE Affiliate link you mentioned as soon as I send this.


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