How To Start An Online Gardening Business

When it comes to making money online, you need an online business that is going to make you a long term income, starting an online business is actually pretty simple, here are the things you will need:

Check Off

  • A Website
  • Ability To Learn
  • Dedication

If you can have these 3 checked off, then you are a very good candidate for an online business.

This is to tell you how to start an online Gardening Business, so I’m going to break down the 3 check offs in a gardening mentality.

A Website – This is going to be just about the most important part of your online business, but if you have no idea how to create a website, this will fall into the second check off.

A website is going to be what separates you from anyone else that is trying to make money with gardening. A website will allow you to target a potential 2 billion people that use the internet every day. Even if you only get your website seen by a fraction of a percent, that is still a ton of people and a ton of opportunity to make money.

Ability To Learn – If you can not learn something new, then you will not ever be able to make any money online. The internet is the most amazing thing since sliced bread or even the wheel, but most people don’t learn to do anything with it except buy things and use social media.

Once you learn to market your website, you are now able to put your website in front of those people who only know how to buy things and use social media. You want them to buy things through your website and you want them to share posts from your website on social media.

If you have no idea how to create a website or how to market, I am going to break it down real simple right now!

A website is nothing more than numbers and symbols of HTML code that really no one knows how to read, because of this, when the internet was first created, no one really wanted to learn it, so not many people did not. The ones who did learn it, learned how to create websites, those websites that were created back then are worth so much money now, if they are still around. Websites gain value over time, never give up on a website once its created.

With today’s website builders, you no longer need any HTML code knowledge, a little is always helpful, and there are tons of courses that can teach you basic HTML coding. There is this amazing web builder that I use for all my websites called SiteRubix that is powered by WordPress, the number one website content manager that makes everything so simple that anyone can use it.

Once you learn to create your Website, you then are going to create content, like the words you are reading right now, this is my content. Content is going to be about the main topic of your website or your niche, so in this case, you will create content about anything garden related.

Give Helpful Gardening Tips

For a garden post, you can write a post that tells people how to plant carrots, how to know when a potato is ready to pull from the ground, how red should tomatoes get. Anything that you know about gardening, all you have to do is put your knowledge on a website. The main goal is to get people to read your content, just like a store, if no one comes in, there is no opportunity to make money.

When you are talking about anything garden related in your posts, say you are using different pots to put different plants in, the easiest way to make money online is with Affiliate Marketing, you do not have to go out of your way to “sell” anything, if you are going to use a certain pot to put a certain plant in, give people a link to Amazon that leads to the pot you prefer to use and the seeds you prefer.

You are giving people helpful advice and you are giving them a link to buy your recommendations. There is no push to buy the things you recommend, but if you can create enough content on your website about gardening, it will build authority, and you will have more and more people listen to your recommendations and buy the products you recommend. You don’t ever touch the product, you just promote it and give a link.

This leads right into the third check off:

Dedication – No one has ever become great without failure. How many pro athletes do you know that went from being born to being a pro, instantly? How many famous writers became great their first time creating a letter? How many of your favorite singer’s or artist’s first ever songs were hits?

All pro athletes go their whole lives training to be a pro, all great writers had to learn to hold a pen before creating any symbols that lead to master pieces, all your favorite singers had to figure out how to sing before their biggest hit.

No one gets anywhere by giving up. Online marketing is the same way, you must learn to create your website, learn how to create content that captures your readers attention and then get them to buy your recommendations. It takes time, just like a doctor in college, they might know a thing or two, but there is always more you can learn and you become better and better each time you learn more!

How To Start An Online Gardening Business:

Create a website that is all about gardening, give people helpful advice so they can become better at gardening, if you are helpful enough, people will follow the links you give them and buy products you recommend. When people follow your links, you get paid commission from your affiliate program.


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