How Many People Use The Internet Daily? Could It Mean Financial Freedom?

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How Many People Use The Internet Daily? Could It Mean Financial Freedom?

May 15, 2017 Money Idea 4
How Many People Use The Internet Daily

People On Earth

There are a lot of people on this Earth, about 7.5 billion people. That is a lot of people. Now think about how many of those people that use the internet.

There is about 3.2 Billion People Using The Internet Daily!

How many opportunities does that leave for online businesses?

A Lot!!

Lets talk about what the internet is and how we can use it to make money… a lot of money.

With 3.2 billion people on the internet each day… an online business would be ecstatic receiving 0.001% of them. That is a lot of views to an online business and there doesn’t even have to be anyone watching the business, the owner can be on vacation and still be raking in the profits.

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You should be here because you were interested in how many people use the internet daily and if you are interested in those numbers, imagine the numbers you can make if you learn how to sell something to these 3.2 billion people using the internet each day.

Not everyone is looking for the same thing and that is what is awesome about the internet, there is no one right answer, well it depends on what the question is. Everyone is capable of typing something unique into the search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That is where anyone can come into the online marketing world and learn to profit off those unique searches.

What Is Online Marketing All About?

When it comes to those 3.2 billon people on Planet Earth who are using the internet, they are all interested in something. There is not one person on this world, who is not interested in something.

On the internet, do you ever notice how you are given what you are looking for? You ask the question and then you find the answer on some website.

You had a question and that website had an answer, now was it the right answer or was it just an answer.

This is where online marketing can really turn down the scam road. I said everyone is interested in something and they are, a lot of people are interested in making money. Making money online is probably the largest scam pool out there.

There are tons of legit ways to make money online and online marketing is a great way but understanding the basics of marketing before actually selling is crucial.

So, what I have been trying to do is make you understand how to use these 3.2 billion people on the internet each day to earn a living, a good living. You need to give them what they want.

A scam will give someone what they want but have no real proof that it even does what it is supposed to. That is a marketer who is willing to sacrifice his own morality to make money. That is where I draw the line. That is using the internet for evil! Good Vs Evil is a personal matter but the main “good” way to market is to actually do a little research and offer actual products that will help the person who is looking.

The “Good” way to use the internet is to offer helpful information and offer helpful links to buy the products. I mean, you are helping people and over time you will be rewarded. Search engines love it when a marketer can have a website that has lots of actually helpful content, it will help in rankings which will lead to more traffic which will allow you to help more people, allowing you to become rich.


The “Bad” way as I said above it to offer unhelpful content and make it sound amazing just to get people to buy something. I guarantee you will make a lot more sales with helpful content and products over quick scams. But it comes down to you.

I choose the “Good” Way.

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Online Marketing is the key to financial freedom but learning how to market, Good Or Bad, Right Or Wrong is all up to you. I can offer you the best online marketing program that taught me and thousands of others to make a full time living online. Please Read My Full Program Review.. With Free Trial!

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I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your question below. I also want to hear your opinions!

Thank you!

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4 Responses

  1. Jimmy says:

    With two billion people with different background interest using the internet on a regular basis, there is definitely a market to associate yourself with.
    There are opportunities online for anyone willing to take advantage, it’s good you pointed that out and I’m glad to have found this.
    I have a question concerning your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation. How legitimate is this program?


    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      2 billion people can search so many different phrases, all you have to do is learn how to target some of those phrases. Wealthy Affiliate helps people learn how to build websites with step by step training that gives you knowledge that will allow you to actually run a completely legit online business. They offer everything you will ever need to run your online business from day 1 to the day you decide to close shop, or sell you site, that can be the rest of your life.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers some of the best webhosting features, SSL, SiteHealth, SiteSpeed (Making Sites The Fastest On The Internet, WA Only), Live Chat, and that is only some of the few amazing WA features, there is a free trial that I recommend before upgrading to premium. Its an online business, make sure its for you, before upgrading. I did the free trial and that is what got me to stay! 

      Thanks Jimmy!


  2. Weston says:

    Great post! It’s crazy to see the number of people that use the internet daily. It’s encouraging for me and others who are just getting started online. If done right, it’s almost impossible not to succeed with how many people are searching the internet daily.

    Like you said, everyone is in search for something. The key is to provide people with what people want. It is sad how scammers use this to draw people in only to steal their money. Scammers give a bad name to online marketers. So, we have to prove that we are legit and provide helpful content to our audience.

    Thank you for sharing this information.


    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      When it comes to making a living online, you need to have something, anything, then show it to people that are interested. If you showed someone who loved coffee, a website about coffee that had links to buy coffee that they recommend, there is a good chance they will sell coffee. However, if you were to show a coffee website to someone who hated coffee, there is good chance there will be zero coffee sales.

      Coffee is just an example, there are 3.2 billion people using the internet to learn something, if you can help them learn about something you know a lot about, then you can give them links to products you recommend, that is the basics of affiliate marketing, and you said it pretty well, scammers give bad names to online marketers, because it is so easy to become a marketer, but the scammers put their time into learning how to take money, instead of providing info and getting paid for it.

      There are tons of scammers out there and there are even more legitimate online businesses that make tons of money for the simple process of helping others with the same ideas, make their ideas come true. Help people and money comes with it. Scam people and you are trash…

      People use the internet to purchase items, if you can successfully help people purchase the better item that will work longer without breaking down, or anything, if you can help others, you can make money online. There are 3.2 Billion people on the internet, all you have to do is give your ideas on a website that helps others make their ideas come to life, with products you recommended!

      Thanks for the comment Weston!

      Creator Of

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