Does Money Make You More Confident?

In Todays World, Money Is The Number One Thing That Everyone Wants.

Money Money Money

Everyone is willing to work for money, everyone is willing to spend money, everyone loves money. Come on, my website is called Who Doesnt Love Money. Everyone Loves Money.

Now The question Here Is, Does Money Make You More Confident? 

Lets start off with the definition of confidence:

Definiton Of Confidence
Definition Of Confidence From Google

 “The Feeling Or Belief That One Can Rely On Someone Or Something”

If you take that definition of confidence and put it on money, can you rely on it? Will Money always be there for you in any situation? Will Money make you feel secure when you have nothing.

The truth is, money will not do any of those things for you, because the only way to get money is by having confidence in the source making the money.

The reason I am writing this post, is to explain that money is not the confidence that you should be seeking.

If you take the definitions above and read the last one:

“A Feeling Of Self Assurance Arising From One’s Appreciation Of One’s Own Abilities Or Qualities” 

This is in my opinion, the true definition of Confidence.

If you can learn to believe in your own abilities, learn new ones, never give up on yourself, and continue to improve your own self everyday. I promise you that money will gravitate toward you.

Money Does Not Make You More Confident. Confidence Will Attract Money.

If you can firmly believe in anything you do, then your confidence is there and the only thing you can do with it, is continue doing what you believe. There is going to be doubters in everything you do, this is because they do not have the confidence that you do.

Successful Individuals have much higher increases in confidence when they can finish and complete tasks on their own. This is why you find so many low confidence people, they don’t finish anything on their own. They have no way to boost their own confidence.

Just Having Money Will Not Make You Confident.

Knowing How You Earn Your Money Will Make You Confident. 

Learning how to make a lot of money and actually working toward goals is how you will gain confidence. If you can work hard and see progress, progress is not only in your tasks but how you feel after you finish your tasks.

I make money online through websites like the one you are on now.

I am confident in everything I do, not because of the money I make, but the hard work  I put into making that money.

There is no get rich quick scheme out there, that will land you millions over night. Boy, wouldn’t that be nice. There are no programs that pay you hundreds just for signing up, wouldn’t that be even better, but I do no that there are ways to put in hard work and effort to make money online.

Its not quick but it is a sure way to make money online.

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Thank you for reading my post, believing in yourself and achieving tasks on your own is what will lead to confidence, if you can become confident, you will never give up on what you desire to do. My desire is to make a lot of money to improve my future and have lots of fun with my life, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Tell me what you think, give me a comment or a question below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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10 Replies to “Does Money Make You More Confident?”

  1. Hi there, I absolutely agree that by believing in yourself and achieving tasks on your own will really help boost your confidence. And the snow ball effect of it couldn’t be denied either. Once you feel confident after an initial success, you have more confidence in moving on with more tasks that you desire to complete. Though I am curious, if one continuously fails multiple times, does that have a similar snowball effect on causing someone to have a lot less confidence? What do you think?

    1. Believing in yourself is the most important thing you can do to make money, well really anything in life, you need to believe in yourself! Snowballing is a real thing, once you get rolling it is really hard to stop, once you see results its become addicting!

      Failing is key to success, if you figure everything out the first time, was it even a challenge? Most people fail over and over until they finally see success, or you find a snowball effect where the snow ball keeps breaking up, but then you have multiple snowballing rolling down the hill!

      Failure causes lack of confidence but failing multiple times, makes the success so much more worth it! 



  2. I’ve read a lot of blog posts lately about how to make money online, and I must say this is one of the best. It stands out because you actually address the mindset it takes to be successful.

    I’m confident in everything I’m putting together for my blog except for getting people to actually find it. I know it’s a slow process, but any tips you have to help me speed it up would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Dustin, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you found my post to be a stand out post. Everyone wants to make a ton of money, online is the way to do that, but not everyone is willing to get into the mindset it takes to be successful. I’ve been motivated and driven my whole life to finish whatever I start, making money online is no different.

      My biggest tip for getting your blog website found by more people, is providing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, your newest content every time you post. Create all your posts with the best SEO, and tell the search engines! Learn How To Get Google To Be Your Friend! 🙂

      Keep blogging and never give up!


  3. I can definitely agree with the fact that having money makes an individual more confident. With money, you have access to things that wsas not in the picture in the past. Making money online sounds like a great way of generating passive income. To have different sources of income is the key to real success.

    1. Money may give an individual more confidence but the hard work put into making that money is where the real confidence comes from. Making money online right now is kind of scary to some people, but the ones that see that hard work consistently put into a website will earn you money, those are the ones that have great confidence. It takes a lot to jump into the online world and work your fingers off before seeing income, but once it starts, the confidence goes right up with the new income.

      As you said, different sources of income is the real key to success, you can have countless websites that over time can all create an income for you. Depending on the work put in, is what depicts how much comes out.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Work Hard And Never Give Up!


  4. I think for me personally confidence relates to that self assured feeling that I can accomplish making money rather than money making me confident.

    Your article certainly provoked various thoughts for me regarding what provides confidence however I have still to climb the ladder to reach the dizzy heights of making money online so I am speaking way before my time.

    Did you see a sudden increase in your confidence once you attained accomplishing conversions through your website or have you always had that self belief with confidence built-in?
    Thanks for your article,

    1. Hey Simon! Confidence is unique to everyone, different challenges, different life styles, but the one thing that is the same about confidence, is that no matter what you do, the longer you do it, the more confidence you gain.

      When I got my first conversions within my sites, I definitely got much happier and started believing making money online was real. I was not yet confident with everything I had my sites, but I was putting in so much effort everyday that I knew I couldn’t just give up on it, with that thought, I grew more and more confident with my sites because of the effort I put in, what comes out is only proof that hard work with anything will pay off!

      So I would say the confidence comes from the hard work, and the accomplishments that come from the hard work is just icing on the cake! 🙂

      Work Hard And Gain Confidence!


  5. I totally agree on knowing how you earn money can make you confident.

    Many people have lost their confidence because they are still not very sure on what they can do to earn money. Once you find the way, you can keep doing and focusing on the way. For example, I didn’t know how to make money online in the past, once I found a kind of business called affiliate marketing, then I know how to make money. When you can work out something and see the result, then confidence will come.

    I am looking forward to read more about how to earn money in the next posts. Thanks.

    1. Hey Nico! Earning money will make you money confident, the fact that you had to work for your money means that you are good at what you do and you can only become better with more effort and dedication. That goes for anything, including affiliate marketing. Once you can fully grasp the understanding of affiliate marketing, it is very simple but still requires effort like everything else! Its not so much the money but the effort and struggles that got you there, that is what builds the real confidence, but it never hurts to have spending money to go with that confidence!

      Glad you liked this post!

      Work Hard And Never Give Up On The Dream!


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