Who Doesn’t Love Money… Why Do We Love Money?

Money is everywhere, Everyone has some money, some more than others, some much less than others. We grow up with it, we work for it, we fight for it, WE LOVE MONEY.

Money is supposed to be the source of all evil isn’t it?

But, Money is awesome! You can do anything you want if you have enough of it.

When it comes down to it, money is the one thing everyone would like to have more of, but why?

When you have money, you have a sense of power. You can buy what you want, in front of who you want, to show what you have. You get what I’m saying?

If you can have money you can really do anything you want, as long as you don’t run out. There is nothing worse then finding out you don’t have enough money to pay for something when you have already committed to buying it.

That is where credit cards come in, and money is a huge mess when you owe it to someone else. Once you start to owe someone or something, like a bank, money, then the whole process becomes stressful and now you have a huge load of stress to go along with your shortage of money that you love so much.

When it comes to debt, just stay away from it! There should be no reason anyone or anything should be able to knowingly give money to people who wont be able to repay it. Those are the ones who end up with so much debt, they have to go bankrupt and start all over. Simply because of their greed for more money.

The best way to love our money, is to spend it wisely and not blow it and expect to spend more after we blew what we had. Blowing money is one of the more fun things to do in life, I mean who doesn’t love buying what they want, when they want? That is the point of money! But money is needed for more important things first.

Get the essentials for life bought and paid for and the rest of life is easy! I never borrow money, I make all my money on my own and I make a lot of it. Not to brag but to prove a point. If you can figure out how to make money, and always have money. You can live an awesome life like I do!

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Money is awesome and just like my site says Who Doesnt Love Money, I love Money, and I am willing to bet you love money. Everyone wants money and everyone is willing to do something just a little different to try and make more than the other person. If you really want to try making money a little different, click that link and find out what I do!

Thanks for reading my post about Who Doesnt Love Money and Why Do We Love It. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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6 Replies to “Who Doesn’t Love Money… Why Do We Love Money?”

  1. Hey Kenny, Greetings.

    Indeed everyone wishes to have some money and even more of it to be able to purchase what he or she wants. But sometimes money can be evil as you mentioned.

    in fact if I remember my Bible text very well, there is a portion where it mentions that; “money is the root of all sort of injurious things” but yet at the same time it also reveals that money is a protection to some extent.

    Indeed, it is clear that one way or another, we all need money in life, since it is now part of us, to be able to survive.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great content with everyone looking for money ONLINE.

    1. Hi Stephan, Thanks for the comment. Money is a funny thing. It can be evil but it can also be used for so many good things. I plan to do a lot of good in my life, lots of things that will help people. It doesn’t matter how you earn it, it really matters how you spend it.



  2. Hi Kenny,
    I’m with you on this Kenny, credit cards are probably the easiest way to accumulate debt, it’s so easy to get into it, but so hard to get back out. I think they all should be banned and we all should use debit cards instead.

    I think this would make life easier for everyone if we just got into the habit of saving before you spend.

    Great advice in your article Kenny, I hope to start practicing some of it. Best wishes,


    1. Hey Dave, Credit Cards are evil! Ehh or if you use them too much I suppose, and so easy for those who don’t have a good concept of hard work to get pulled deeper and deeper into debt. I live by the thought of work hard and spend what you have instead of buying what I want and having to work to pay it off. I agree with you, get rid of credit and make everyone use Debit Cards, make more people Love their own Money, because at the end of the day, Who Doesnt Love Money!?

      Thanks Dave,


  3. Interesting post. This article certainly gave me pause for thought. It made me consider why we do the things we do for money. Money seems to be the primary motivator for all of us. I’ve been very wealthy and able to buy whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I’ve also been very very poor to the point where I didn’t know if I’d be able to make rent and food. Both extremes had their drawbacks. Now I’m trying to just live a good life with enough money to get by. Working as an internet marketer seems to be a way to make it happen. I really like your article. Keep it up.

    1. Hey Ron, glad my article really made you stop and think. It sounds like you have had quite the life, the highs and lows. Internet marketing has been proven by many people to be a true source of income and I am a 100% full believer of that myself, being that I am an internet marketer.

      A life like yours has so many experiences though and isn’t that what we really need more of in life. I want to have all the experiences I can, but instead of the unpredictable highs and lows, I want to control them, so like you, I chose internet marketing to make enough to get by, but I’m not stopping there! 

      Work Hard On Your Online Business And Great Things Will Happen!


      Creator Of WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com

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