How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website

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How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website

January 29, 2018 Money Idea 16
How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website |
How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website |

What You Will Need:

  • Domain Registrar
  • Website Hosting Platform
  • Niche Specific “Group” Of Products
  • Ability To Research (Read/Watch/Use)
  • Ability To Create Content
  • Amazon Associates Account

When you are trying to leave your 9-5 job behind, learning How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website is going to help you do just that. However, learning and doing are two completely different things, when you create a website to make you an online income, you are starting a business, a business that will need constant work if you want a source of constant income.

Constant work doesn’t mean you are going to be spending all day everyday working on your website, constant work means every day, you are going to do some kind of improvement, something that will benefit your new business. Once your business hits a point where it can support itself, you can start to work less and worry less about perfecting your site, and spend more time checking out your analytic and sales. (The Fun Part)

From $3k to $12k to $42k to $126k. Is This Even Possible?

Choosing/Obtaining Your Domain

When you are ready to start your very own website, whether it be for promoting specific Amazon products or any other reason you are going to need a website domain, lets stick to the purpose of promoting Amazon products. Your domain is going to be the address of your website.

World Wide Web

When you go to choose a domain, this is just like looking for a piece of property to put your physical business on, except your domain is online and all digital. When you type in a business address online you will end up seeing exactly where that business is located and whether they have a website.

When you are online, your domain is just like the address of your business. The address is just an address, you can use the address as your business name or you can use your address to locate your store and call it something completely different. Your domain is the address of your website and you want it to be somewhat relevant to the name of your website and the products you talk about within your site.

When you choose your Domain for your website, your store, your business, you can make your domain possessive and call it or, just adding a little touch that makes your readers trust you more, if you are the author and the site contains your name, that correlates a direct link to trust which is good, as long as you prove to be a trust worth site.

Building Your OWN Niche Website

Making a website personal is not required at all, if you look at this site,, this is my website but it does not contain anything about Kenny (Me) in the site name, another one of my sites is, which is an Amazon Affiliate Website that is all about Nerf Guns. This is a choice that doesn’t relate to me, but relates directly to the products within my website.

The more relevant you can make your website name to anything within your website, either your name that is doing the work or the products being promoted, the more trust you will build with your readers/viewers, which will lead to more sales.

Once you have your domain name chosen, you will need a Domain Registrar that will be able to assign your Domain to you, if your option is chosen already, you may also have the option to purchase the Domain name you wanted with a .net or a .org instead of a more traditional .com.

Domain Example
Wealthy Affiliate’s Registrar. Any Available Domain You Can Think Of Can Become A Thriving Online Business

My preferred Registrar Is Wealthy where I pay around $14 for any available domain I can think of.

Some Other Domain Registrars Are:

  • Namecheap
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • DreamHost
  • GoogleDomains

Any Domain You Choose Will Only Become A Well Oiled Profiting Amazon Affiliate Site With A Good Hosting Platform.

Choosing Your Hosting Platform

Now that you have an awesome Domain Name, you are going to need a thing called a Hosting Platform to make sure your website is available for your readers/viewers 24/7. There are going to all kinds of options when it comes to where you host your domain, but the ultimate decision maker should be how many visitors can your host hold, for the price you pay…

As you build your website all your work will be saved within your host.

WA Hosting

The Host gives your website a Webspace, a home for your website, where all your Website Files are stored.

When you have a new site, you will most likely not receive much traffic at first, which means your host doesn’t matter too much. As you continue to build your website you will receive more and more traffic, leading to more and more actual people showing up to your site. Now when all these people show up, it’s up to your host to make sure everyone sees your website equally (Speed, Images, Videos, Content).

Imagine a rich person who owns a mansion and they are about to throw a party, a mansion that not many people know is throwing a party. Once this party happens, the people that went are going to talk about the party, if it was a good party, there will be more people heading to the party.

Now that this rich person has people talking about their party, there is most likely going to be an increase of how many people attend the next party.

The first party had just enough people where the rich person was able to host their own guests. Now that their is talk of a larger party, with more guests, this rich person who hosted the first party just fine, will have the option to hire more people to co-host their party or they can try to host all these new people just like the last time and will notice a slower response time and have a much longer line of people ready to talk to the host of the party, which will lead to a less positive party rating compared to the first party.

I love analogies, basically what I am saying is, when you have people on your website, your website host makes sure everyone sees what they want to see. As more and more people show up to your website, your host will become more and more stressed unless prepared for the large amount of viewers.

There are tons of website hosts available and as you can understand from the analogy above, the cheaper the host, the fewer people you can host.

I personally use to host all my websites that allow for basically unlimited traffic, they are striving for #1 Web Hosting Rights.

Some Other Hosting Platforms Are:

  • DreamHost
  • GoDaddy Web Hosting
  • InMotion Hosting
  • 1&1 Hosting

Selecting Your Niche Specific Group Of Amazon Products

This is going to be 100% your own choices, unless you decide to pay a separate program to make the choices for you which I believe to be a waste of your money and time, picking your own products is not that hard. When you go to select your products that you are going to promote, you want them to be a specific group of products that are relatable to your readers.

Your group of Amazon Products is going to also want to relate to the domain and name of your site, if you want to have a website domain about shoes (Ex,, Not A Real Site… Yet) the products you have within your site should have a direct relation with shoes. If you have a broad name like AwesomeShoesForYou, you can literally promote any shoe, any 5 pairs of shoes, any 50 pairs of shoes, any 500 pairs of shoes, this is going to depend on how much effort you want to put in (Wait For Content Creation). The more specific items you have on your site, the more authority you will build.

Amazon Associates
Choose From Any Products On

If you wanted to choose a smaller more specific Niche Specific Group Of Products to go with your website, you may want to go with a domain such as once again not a real site.. yet, this would be a niche specific website that only has information about Rolex Watches, a more general site could be that could talk about any watch product.

Best Way To Choose A Niche For YOUR Website

Any product you already use on a daily bases can be a start for your Niche Specific Group Of Amazon Products, if you use any product and tell people already they should be using what you use, you can tell the world on your website why you prefer this certain product over this product, while giving your readers/viewers the option to purchase either of your options with the click of a link, you took the time to share your opinion, then your readers/viewers take your opinion and decide if they agree with you or disagree with you. The main thing is to make them have an opinion of your site, if they are on your site, you have done your job. It is up to your content to convince your readers/viewers what to buy and what not to buy, leaving the ultimate decision down to them.

Start with a group of 5 products that you know you can expand on, either within the same brand or within the same product result. On they are just shy of 400,000 products on their entire site that you have the option to choose from, I know you can find 5, I believe in you. You can even have this list done before you buy your first domain.

Research Ability

Here is the part that is really going to take some time… Research.


When you want to start a successful online business selling only Amazon Products, you are not the only one. I will say this right now, Any Niche Can Be A Profitable Niche, but the amount of work required to make money within each Niche is going to ultimately depend on competition.

If you want to start a shoe business only promoting shoes on Amazon, you are going to want to check out other shoe affiliate sites, they should be pretty easy to find, just do a Google search on any shoes you think would be a good shoe to promote on your site. If you happen to see the whole first page of Google full of other affiliate sites, you have a chance but it will take some work. If you see no affiliate sites that are promoting the shoe you want to promote, you have an awesome chance to sell that shoe on your site.

Understanding the Keyword Research Process

Now you should know what sites are your competition and what they are promoting, you will now need to make sure you know what you are talking about with the products you choose. If you can’t tell people why or why not to buy a certain shoe, you are no different from anyone else. You need to be the expert at that shoe, anything that shoe can do, you need to promote. Now any product can be researched and become a very well selling item on your website if you are the expert. People want to listen to opinions of people they can trust, actually helping someone is the best way to gain their trust. Trust leads to repeat visitors and word of mouth promotion, never knock trust.

Become The Expert And You Will Devolop All The Trust You Need Within Your Niche!

Every website, every business, every company, every athlete, everyone everywhere, starts somewhere, the only thing that matters is that they never stop.

Content Creation

There is really no point on this post that isn’t as equally important as another when it comes to successfully running your own Amazon Affiliate Website. However, Content Creation is what is going to give you an edge on your competition. Content Creation is what you are reading right now, words/videos/images, created by another person (Me) for furtherment of your knowledge.

Once you have your products chosen, your domain bought, your host set, and your research active, you need to create “stuff” for people to read and/or watch. The best way you are going to sell any Amazon Products or any products from any affiliate marketplace, is going to be the creation of your product reviews and how well you can help people understand the product being reviewed.

How To Create Quality Content For Your New Website

Product reviews can be done in many ways, from stars to numbers, you make your own rating and allow others to take your advice. When you have your product chosen, you will want an image of product, the name, the best place to purchase (, then you want to make it as personal as you can, when people can connect with your opinion, they will want to listen and follow your advice to Amazon where they can make their purchase and you will earn your commission!

My Basic Review Platform Is Customizable To Any Products:

Product Name: ________________
Best Place To Buy:

Something Related To All Your Niche Products
My Overall Rating: ___ Out Of 100

What Is _____________?
Pros Vs Cons

Who Is The ______________ For?
Is The __________ Worth The Price?
My Final Opinion Of __________
At A Final Glace … The __________

Review Example

Feel Free to click the review image above to check out my review platform for all my Nerf Guns I have reviewed at

How To Create Reviews That Sell. Product Reviews 101

Within each of these categories I like to go as deep and though as possible to give my reader the best view point they can have, well best view point they can have from my point, but the main thing is to make sure you sound like the expert in your review. The more detailed you are, the more trust you develop. Trust is coming up a lot in this… Trust is key!

On top of product reviews, you will need to further show your authority in your niche, not required but highly recommended. You can show further knowledge with keyword rich posts that will help you attract visitors that are interested in what you have, but not sure what options to go with.

An option of a keyword post would be, Top 5 _____ For Females Over 30, this is where you would take 5 of your best product reviews and tie them all together in a keyword rich post about the top 5, lets say shoes for females over 30. This is where you would need a keyword research tool, this could fall into the research area, but I’m going to talk about it right here.

When you research keywords, you find out what people look up, how often and how many other websites have already targeted the keyword you are researching and whether you should put your effort into a post for the keyword you are searching for. If you find a keyword phrase that has a lot of people searching but not a lot of sites talking about that keyword phrase, write a post of your own that will rank in the search engines.

When people enter your website from search engines, they have the option to stay and learn or leave, the more appareling and knowledgeable your site, ultimately leads to more sales. When someone clicks on your post for top 5 shoes for females over 50 and sees your 5 different product review options, there is a good chance they will read your reviews and either agree or disagree with you, possibly leading to the purchase of an Amazon Product through your links.

Content Creation And Keywords is all part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I learned all my SEO tips from Wealthy Affiliate Academy.

Your Amazon Associates Account

Without an Amazon Associates Account, you really can’t do anything with Amazon Products. You need an Amazon Associates Account to show you are trusted by and have the right to promote their products for a commission on sales. With an Amazon Associates Account, you are required to have your Amazon Affiliate Disclosure telling your readers/viewers you are certified to promote these items.

Amazon Associates

When applying for your Amazon Associates Account, you may find it much easier to qualify after you have content created on your site already, not a lot, just a few set pages and a few keyword rich posts, they can be product reviews if you want. Once you have content, you are showing Amazon you want to promote their products, another reason I say you should already have content on your site is because if you don’t make a certain amount of sales within a certain amount of time, your account will be suspended or terminated. If you wait a little longer to apply for your Associates Account you should have an easier time with this deadline requirement.

With your Amazon Associates Account you have access to all the products within to promote, while keeping track of all your clicks, ordered items, and overall earnings. With Amazon’s Stripe, you have the easy access to look up any Amazon Product and then either get a URL to link to some words or a banner, or an image that is clickable that takes you directly to the product you are promoting.

Amazon Associates Proof

Amazon’s Associate Program has a 24-hour cookie that makes sure anyone that uses your affiliate links will earn you commission as long as they make their purchase within 24 hours, even after closing the window. Other affiliate networks offer longer cookies, but Amazon has so many products, the 24 hours cookie is good enough.

How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website With Wealthy Affiliate For Complete Beginners provides commission for any products bought within through your affiliate links. Making for a higher amount of commission sales while explaining Amazon’s short-lived cookie.


Creating an Amazon Affiliate site can be one of the best decisions of your life or it could be one of the worst. Choosing your Domain, your Host, and your Niche Specific Group of Amazon Products need to all tie together into a perfect crowd pleasing website that helps them learn something.

If your visitors are on your site for a review, that means they are just about ready to buy, your review should push them over the buying cliff and help them feel good about their purchase. They are already looking to buy, your review should help them, while earning you a commission your reader/viewer may never know about, they’re happy why do they need to know anything else! 😉

If someone is not quite ready to buy but is still looking, there is a chance they could also buy, this is the point of SEO keyword posts that can be in forms of lists “Top 10 ______” or in helpful ways like “How To Use ________” Both posts will receive traffic if created properly and each should help the people looking make a more accurate decision. They might read all 10 reviews and buy nothing, or they could read the very first review, click through to Amazon and buy something. That is all you can do, give them info and let them decide what to do with it, make your improvements to lead to more sales.

The more helpful you can be with your website the more sales you can make. The better at SEO you are, the less money you need to spend to see profit. SEO is your an affiliate marketers best friend, free traffic means free sales, which means all profit!

At A Final Glance … How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website


  • Domain Registrar
  • Website Hosting Platform
  • Niche Specific “Group” Of Products
  • Ability To Research (Read/Watch/Use)
  • Ability To Create Content
  • Amazon Associates Account

When you need a Domain Registrar, an awesome Hosting Platform, any help you will need with registering for your Amazon Associates Account and All the training you will need on Keyword Research, Content Creation, and Grouping Of Niche Specific Products…

My #1 Recommendation to you is to check out my program that is home to over 1.1 million online entrepreneurs that all work to improve their website.


Most use Amazon Associates, while others never bother with Amazon due to their low commission rates. While some use multiple Affiliate Sources and other online income sources. Multiple income streams is the key to financial freedom..

Ready To Launch Your Own Amazon Affiliate Website

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate! Click Here!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post on How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!



16 Responses

  1. Oscar says:

    Any niche can be profitable, as you stated. However, are there any niches that you would consider better to use other affiliate link websites to be more profitable? I understand that you can make lots of money through Amazon by following the points that you online so clearly. But, can you do better somewhere else depending on the niche that you select?

    Well, thinking about it, actually it depends on the content that you create, or? You could be as successful with other affiliate links as with Amazon if you put the needed effort, or?

    I am trying to grab all this information and make the best about it. I am currently promoting only Amazon products, though.


    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Oscar, you bring up some good points. Any niche can be profitable, but different niches have different profit points, for example a niche with thousand dollar items are going to bring more profits per sale, but there might be less purchases due to the price and you may be able to sell more low ticket items for lower commission. In the end it comes down to how well you can promote any Amazon product, you need to show your readers/viewers why they need this product.

      There are also other Affiliate Networks like ClickBank that pay much higher commissions but they require a bit of experience, I recommend you keep up your Amazon product reviews and make your posts as engaging as possible, make sure everyone that goes to your site, Trusts You!

      The more you want something, the more you learn and work hard to make sure you can get it! If Amazon Sales is what you seek, promotion is what you must acquire!

      I hope this cleared things up a bit!

      Thanks for the questions!

      CEO Of

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing. Tons of awesome well-detailed information that will be a good help to all of your readers.

  3. Sharon Whyte says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Wow you go into great detail about how to be an Amazon Affiliate. Even though I am going down the path of affiliate marketing I haven’t dabbled yet with Amazon. I think the key is really spending time on the research, yes it is a tedious part of the equation, however get that right, back your site up with consistent quality content and you will be making money in no time! Great thorough post Kenny!

    • Hi Sharon, being an Amazon Affiliate has it benefits like any once your reader clicks one of your affiliate links, at that point you will earn commission on any product that your reader purchases within, even if it isn’t related to your niche! Research is key, once you find your products, you need to become a pro, an expert in your niche and the products you are promoting.

      The more trust you develop with your readers, your sales will sky rocket!

      Glad you learned something!


      CEO Of

  4. Hilary Bassakaropoulos says:

    This is the best Amazon affiliate training website I have come across. It’s obvious that you know what you are talking about as far as Amazon and reviews are concerned.
    I joined Amazon Affiliates some time ago but didn’t give it much attention. Your post has encouraged me to be more serious about it and hopefully reach the point of making sales on a regular basis. Thanks

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Hilary, Thank you! I worked hard on this post to be as clear as possible. Any niche can be profitable and has products for every niche out there. A well written review will help your readers/viewers make a decision, if you help them, they will follow your recommendation leading to commission in your pocket and a helped, happy customer!

      Reviews are going to be key to your authority! Get to writing! 🙂


      CEO Of

  5. justin says:

    Hey this is a very good article, I do have my Amazon Affiliate account up and running and trying to add more posts and links. I like your set up for your reviews, maybe I should do something like that. I have been at it for like 2 months so far I haven’t made any sales yet but my websites are coming along. I will keep doing my research good luck and keep it up!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Justin, reviews are going to be what lead to most of your sales. When people are looking for a product to buy, they are usually looking for someone to make up their mind, if you review can do that, sales will come naturally!

      Keep creating awesome content and build your online authority!


      CEO Of

  6. David says:

    Hey, Kenny from domain registrar to signing up to for a Amazon Associates Account you paint a clear picture for any newbie looking to get started.

    A quick question about “Research Ability”. How would I know exactly which sites are affiliate sites when searching on Google?

    One more quick one. If I have selected three niches to focus on is it best to try and build websites immediately for all three or work one niche at a time?

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey David, I think I explained it very well thank you very much!

      For your questions, when you are looking up an affiliate site on Google, you will be looking for sites that offer you help but also offers recommendations, anytime there is a recommendation, there is most likely going to be a link to an affiliate with some kind of click here button. Recommendations are great and they build authority, the best affiliate sites can recommend almost anything to their readers to make sales! However, trust is going to be the key to affiliate sales.

      Finally, when it comes to multiple niche websites, I prefer to take one site at a time, I tried juggling 4 at once but it was just way too hard, I stick to one as my main focus and the others I just keep them up to date, while I create awesome content on the site I’m working on. I say, get one site profitable, then move onto the next. 


      CEO Of

  7. Kenny says:

    Great sharing! A comprehensive step by step guidance on how to be a successful affiliate marketer. It is very helpful to beginners like me to understand more about affiliate marketing and how to create a website that can reach out to my targeted audience. I’m definitely saving this article for my reference in order to keep on improving myself. Thank you and keep it up!

    • Kenneth Huffman Jr says:

      Hey Kenny, I wrote this to help people like yourself. I started out with no knowledge, I was scammed and very apprehensive… Eventually all my hard work overcame everything else, now what I once was scared of, is my full time hobby and career. Helping others and making commission from the comforts of my home or anywhere I decide to go!

      Never give up on your own hard work, it may need to be improved over time, but improvements obviously show your own improvement! Never stop improving yourself!


      CEO Of

  8. maystro says:

    For those who find that creating a site is tedious… Is it possible to create an Amazon store via paid platforms? Here I am talking about express shop. I liked knowing your opinion on this platform. Thank you in advance.

    • Anything in life that is going to completely change your life, is going to be tedious, learning how to break down the tedious steps is what is going to make the whole process simpler. has over 480 Million Products, the whole point of an Amazon Affiliate Website is to find a certain group of products, grouped however you find fit, its your site, talk about what you want to talk about, products you want to review, products you like/dislike, whatever product you find on Amazon that is related to your other products on your site can be reviewed and turned into affiliate sales for you.

      Paying someone else to do the work you don’t want to do is what I think of Lazy, but of course possible. My biggest suggestion is investing into yourself and learning how the process works so you can change whatever, whenever you want, not at the leasure of your tech guy. I learned everything I know from a program I joined over 16 months ago, called Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend you check out my reivew and see if I can change your mind about learning the basics and starting from scratch.

      Here Is My Wealthy Affiliate Review – Click Here!

      If you take my advice, I look forward to working with you and getting you caught up to speed on the whole process of affiliate marketing!


      CEO Of

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