How to Make Money Online for Beginners – The Most Unexperienced Can Do This

Do You Want To Know How To Make Money Online?

making money online

I hope you are here because you want to start making money online. You could be fresh out of High School, a college Student or retired.

All of which are great times to start trying to make money online. You have probably searched Google time and time again making sure the program you select is not a SCAM.

Yeah those things kind of suck… I have been scammed twice so far but hey.. Can’t do anything unless you give it a shot. If you’re still with me, I want to show you a site that gives you opportunity to make that money $$$. First off, they don’t require you to pay money up front, They give you lessons on how money making on the internet work. You are given 7 days to learn how.

Wealthy Affiliate – Free Sign Up

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How Making Money Online Works!

If you read any of my other posts I tell you pretty much the same thing. Making money online is not that complicated. training

First, develop a webpage, second, get people to visit that webpage, third, sell the people that visit your webpage something.

SOMETHING! ANYTHING! The internet is used by 2 BILLION people a day. There is someone looking for something of any category almost all the time. What you sell and how you sell it is up to you. Affiliate programs are one of the most easy ways to make money $$$.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs work by using people like yourself. They want you to advertise their products.

Affiliate Marketing Will Change your finacial future

Lets use for an example because that was the first affiliate program I used. wants you to list any of their products on your webpage and they will pay you, yes you, REAL MONEY, the green stuff you like to keep in your wallet, the stuff you are looking for if you are on this page.

The only thing you have to do is make your webpage get traffic.

Getting Traffic is not that complicated but many people make it that way. I am trying to get you to learn how to get traffic on your site and how to make a website. You can learn how to make a website and how to get people to your website for FREE. Once again here is the link OBLIGATION FREE of paying any of your money.



Wealthy Affiliate

Okay, lets talk about the site I am trying to send you to. I’m going to repeat myself here. You have zero obligation to pay any money, unlike scams that make you pay before you even know what you are getting.

In the 7 free days you get 10 lessons of how to build your website. You also get 2 FREE start up websites to follow along in the videos.

These FREE websites can be seen by anyone and you can profit off of them.

So What I am saying is, by signing up you get free instructions and free websites to follow along with the instructions. I know that when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliates I had skeptical thoughts because I had been scammed before, but now I have KNOWLEGE of how to make website LIKE THIS ONE and get people to come to them.

Reasons For Payment

I know I told you that it is FREE, and guess what it is free. When you sign up for the 7 days of videos you get all the information you need to build a great website.

Now, you can Upgrade your free membership and get access to so much more. I was so satisfied when I finished the training and had 2 websites built but I wanted MORE.

I am in no way dissatisfied with my Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Read below to find out all the benefits of the Premium Membership. You do not have to purchase the Premium Membership but you can not go wrong if you do.   For the first month if you decide to go premium it is $19.

Once again I love feedback from everyone and anyone. Questions or comments feel free to leave below.


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6 Replies to “How to Make Money Online for Beginners – The Most Unexperienced Can Do This”

  1. Hi and nice to meet you. My name is Nicole, I just came across your website and want to tell you what a great job you have done with explaining how people can earn money online. It is so hard these days to find a legit place to earn money from online. Wealthy affiliate is an awesome place for anybody to start because you learn all you need to learn in order to build an online business! Your review is on point, great job!

    1. Thanks for the comment Nicole! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place you would like to choose if you are interested in online business, thanks for visiting my site!


  2. Doh, you got me!!!

    Yeah, I wanna make money online! 😉

    I’m none of the people you have mentioned but I’m juts tired of my job, the stress, and especially the worthless income to go with it. I know there’s a better life and a financially free one waiting for me.

    It would be awesome to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer and earn from my passion. Wealthy Affiliate certainly offers everything I’ll need to build my new online business, so I’m gonna become a member of the WA community and take that leap of faith.


    1. Hey Neil! Great to Hear. Wealthy Affiliate can definitely change your life if you put the time in and stick with it. I wish You Luck!!!


  3. I am new to making money online so it’s good to know that I can have a website set up right inside Wealthy Affiliate. But which one would you recommend that I go for – a free website or a custom one? What kind of publishing platform are they using?

    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hey Cathy Great Question! If you are starting out I would recommend the Free website, It is easiest to follow along with the step by step training videos that Wealthy Affiliate has set up. You also don’t have to feel pressured if you don’t see money right away, its kind of a little comfort. Once you are confident in your site, buy a domain. Wealthy Affiliate is such a great place so you do not ever feel pressured to do something.


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