3 Secrets To Online Success

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3 Secrets To Online Success

February 24, 2019 Money Idea 0
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Be Successful Online...
Become A Successful Online Business Owner

Creating a website, a location on the internet where you have full control of what is said, how things are said, and what is talked about in general. You choose how and what is promoted and/or sold and how much commission is right for you. The key to generating any income online is knowing what you are talking about. Truth sells, trust me.

4 Steps To Online Success Are As Followed:

  1. Choose An Interest/Passion
  2. Build A Website
  3. Create An Audience
  4. Generate Revenue

Once you have an interest chosen, you must then build a website around that interest. This website will then need to create an audience (The Hardest Part) in order to create a revenue.

3 Secrets To Building An Audience For Your Website (How You Are Going To Make Money)

First Off, these are not really secrets, they are proven techniques used by website owners worldwide to create online incomes.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization (100% Free)

Search Engine Optimization takes advantage of major search engines such as: Google, Bing, and Yahoo (Big 3). When you create your website, you need to create content, such as the text you are reading right now. This content needs to be unique and readable. This content then needs to be looked at by crawlers (little creatures search engines use to look at all websites on the internet). The better your content and more frequent you post, the more crawlers search engines will send to your website. When a website gains the trust of search engines, that website’s posts/pages begin to rank in the search engine’s search results. The better your content and the more engagement you have, the higher your posts/pages will rank in search engine results.

PPC – Pay Per Click (Paid Advertising)

This strategy costs money and if used incorrectly, can blow a lot of your money. The same search engines that allow you to gain rankings on their searches also allow you to pay for rankings. Every time you search anything, you will find search results that say, “Ad”, that are directly at the top and on the side of organic search results, these are paid ads. If used correctly, you can gain customers/readers who can bring your website profit, if used incorrectly you will spend money on people who do not care about the content on your website.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Etc… (Mix Of Free/Paid Strategies)

Everyone knows what social media is, but do you know how to use it for money making purposes? Sharing your pictures for everyone to see and telling them how you feel is one thing. Telling everyone what your website is about and engaging with people who can become future customers is another.

Business pages are all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, some people make money solely using Facebook pages. Go even further, if you take your website to YouTube, you can earn views, YouTube revenue, more website traffic and of course more sales! Social Media is a requirement for instant views to your website…

Theses are the 3 secrets to running a successful online business. Even more, once you figure out your own successful/profitable way; you can then “double down” on that strategy to earn more income in turn createing a sustainable income stream.

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