Wealthy Affiliate Review 3.0

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 3.0

August 26, 2018 Money Idea Site Review 0
Wealthy Affiliate Review3.0 | WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com
Wealthy Affiliate Review 3.0 | Everything you ever need in one place
kenny CEO Of WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com

How’s it going, my name is Kenny, Creator and CEO of WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com, this is my 3rd review of Wealthy Affiliate for the reason WA is continuously evolving! I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since August 2016, I had just turned 20 years old and was ready to take on the online world, I have always been fascinated with making money online from where ever I wanted and now I know how, let me stress this…. I learned literally everything I know from WA and I started with WA’s free starter membership, went through all the free training and tools before I upgraded to the Premium Membership then a year later I upgraded the Platinum Membership that I have now (Yearly Premium Membership). I learned a few things from other programs but WA helped me actually understand the full picture instead of just what others want you to see… AKA a ceiling program, never limit yourself or your business you worked hard to build.

If you have any desire to make money, it doesn’t matter where you make it, all that matters is if you are ready to learn and dominate a life skill? Every job requires skills, the ones with the best skills get paid the most…

Making money online is no different from making money offline, you still need products and you still need people to buy those products, with Wealthy Affiliate, you learn to choose the items you have an interest in, products you actually use on a daily basis or even products you have never used in your life, build a website around those items that are about your interest so you can learn to connect your website with customers that want to read and purchase the items you talk about specifically on your site. Everyone is different, everyone likes different things and most importantly, everyone likes connecting with things they already like, use what is unique about yourself to connect with an audience.

There are a lot of ways to use this method but with Wealthy Affiliate, you start with the simplest and easiest way, Affiliate Marketing. Everything about affiliate marketing is covered with the training at Wealthy Affiliate with all the tools you will need included in WA’s premium membership. Basically, you promote products for companies and they pay you commission, its up to you to find a program that fits your commission desires but don’t worry, I can help you find a program, don’t ever feel alone!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

When Wealthy Affiliate was first created back in 2005, the creators Kyle and Carson, were only helping people with keyword SEO for better search engine rankings for their customers online businesses. Fast forward to 2018, Wealthy Affiliate is now a well oiled machine that trains anyone to build a website with the easy to use WA SiteBuilder while being trained through either The 7 Phase Affiliate Bootcamp where you are guided through and taught to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate and other products similar, basically, if there’s money to be made from a make money program, you want to understand the full business model, The Affiliate Bootcamp will definitely give you a business lesson and enough training to be successful online.

The other option is The 5 Phase Online Certification that will teach you to build a website around any Niche or category you are interested in and connect your interest with an affiliate program so you can promote products you want to promote and earn affiliate commission. This is the course you want to go through if you plan to build multiple affiliate websites. There are over 500,000,000 products online, if you can find a product to buy online, you can find an affiliate program to sell that exact product to earn commission for every sale.

When you combine both courses together, you end up with a very large knowledge of affiliate marketing, website building and using tools outside of WA to monitor your progress, for example Google Analytic, this is what will lead to success, but you will go nowhere if you do nothing. I said making money online is just like offline. How many offline millionaires do nothing?

No Matter What! What You Put In Is What You Get Out!

Here is one of my favorite mottoes… Hard work Always Pays Off, If It Hasn’t, You Haven’t Worked Hard Enough!

I will tell you right now, I am not a millionaire, but I am learning and figuring it all out. I have 4 websites built with my knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate and one of them isn’t even an affiliate website, it’s a website for a restaurant that pays me monthly. The website building knowledge you get from Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and a life long skill.

The Future Of Wealthy Affiliate IS Here!

What Is Included In The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, whether you start with a free membership (My Recommendation) or if you are fully convinced and want to go straight to the Premium Membership benefits, you are welcomed into a real community full of real people that all started with some to no experience, I started with typing skills and an HTML class in the 8th grade (I didn’t learn much). Before starting WA, I tried a few other make money online programs but they were MLM (Muli-Level Marketing) where I would never be at the top and others were survey type incomes where I did not want to answer surveys all day long, if that’s your thing go for it, anyways I was in no way prepared for what I was about to learn and commit to because with Wealthy Affiliate, you learn to become the boss of your own website where you write your own content or at some point, pay others to write content for you.

You are on WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com right now, proof the training works. Here is my proof that both trainings work. One of my other Niche Website, NerfGunRUs.com, I review and talk about Nerf Guns, if people want to buy a Nerf Gun after reading my reviews, I earn commission… Pretty Simple…

NerfGunRUs.com Income Proof
Nerf Gun Sales From My Amazon Associates Account

Once You Make Your First Sale, You Can Make Your Second, Fifth, Tenth, 100th, 1,000th, 10,000th. Everything Is Scalable To Create A Larger Income In Any Niche Website!

Back to the community, when you join Wealthy Affiliate, there is a live chat with members chatting constantly 24/7 365 days a year, including the creators of Wealthy Affiliate who are the best coaches you will ever find, the main creator is Kyle who is the main trainer you will get to know is on the live chat daily, usually in the morning Pacific Time. When you have any questions you can jump right into the live chat and ask your question. I stress that these are real people sitting at their computer, if you are rude when you enter the chat there is a good chance you will not get any help. Treat everyone with respect and pick up tips from as many seasoned members as possible. Every member has the date they started on their Wealthy Affiliate Profile, anyone who makes it a year or more is a good source of information, trust me, don’t ask the members who just learned something, there is always a way to spin an idea, make connections and learn with the training.

There is the free starter membership that gives you a taste of online marketing, then there is the Premium Membership that includes everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Education Features & Benefits

  • Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes
  • Over 300 Hours of Expert Education
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
  • Incredible Catalog of Industry Training
  • Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)
  • Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training
  • Your Own Authority WA Blog

If you are looking to learn anything about affiliate marketing, website building, keyword research, pay per click campaigns, social media marketing, you can learn it at Wealthy Affiliate. You might be starting without any questions, trust me, you will have questions and you will be able to have them answered! Never get frustrated just keep learning!

Website Features & Benefits

  • A Website Platform You Can Grow With
  • 3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs
  • 51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”
  • SiteDomains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • SiteSpeed, Amplify Your Website Speed
  • SiteProtect, Increased Spam Protection
  • SiteHealth, Website Analysis
  • SiteComments, Explode Your Website Engagement
  • SiteFeedback, A Focus Group for Your Website
  • Advanced Website Training
  • SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)

When you decide to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate, you are starting ahead of the competition that have to pay for added features that are all included in Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership. Search For, Find And Purchase your domain right within Wealthy Affiliate, check your site health within Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a big one for anyone who is big into security, with WA’s SiteSSL, all your websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate go from HTTP:// to HTTPS:// a huge search engine boost that gives your site much more trust and security. If you look in the search bar of your browser, you should see a lock, proving my website has SSL and is entirely encrypted for extra safety for all my readers.

WA Hosting

Hosting Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Managed Monitoring
  • 24/7 Automated monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Site Support – Average Response < 5 minutes!
  • Virus & Malware protection
  • Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites

Hosting is huge when you are running an online business. Hosting means where your website is stored. Where it is stored and how is it protected?

With Wealthy Affiliate, the hosting is amazing, anytime there is any kind of notification regarding your website, you will be notified immediately. Anytime you find a problem within your website, if something isn’t working right or if you accidentally mess something up within your website, you can contact Site Support and receive a response in as little as 5 minutes to be helped with your issue.

There are no worries of slow site response or website crashing.

SiteContent Features & Benefits

  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Beautify Your Content With Over 1,000,000 Beautiful Graphics
  • Grammar & Spelling Perfection
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Templates for Efficiency

When you run your own online business the way Wealthy Affiliate trains you, you are trained to create content for your website for your readers to read/watch. I said above that at some point you can pay other to write content for you, but honestly once you start creating content that is constantly being read by strangers, the more you will want to create.

I am writing this post with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent that makes creating content easy, it’s all about letting the creativity flow and getting what’s in your mind onto the screen for you to publish and allow others to read so they can educate themselves on things you tell them. When creating content on SiteContent you aren’t distracted by mistakes you just let it flow and use the grammar editor to help you fix your mistakes, this is all included in WA’s Premium Membership.

Jaaxy | WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com

Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche & Website Research

  • Keywords & Opportunity is Unlimited.
  • SiteRank, Tracking Your Website Rankings
  • Niche Revelation & Discovery
  • Reverse Engineer Successful Websites
  • Brainstorming New Ideas
  • Uncover Incredibly Valuable Domains

When you are looking to get an edge on the competition, I’m talking people with websites talking about similar or maybe even the same topics as you on your website. Keyword research is what will help you take your website from #3 in the search engines to #1 to get more clicks to your post over your competitors post.

Think of this, when you type anything into Google, you are feeding in Keywords that Google will give you the best results that match, when you can find a keyword that is searched more or a keyword phrase that includes a few extra keywords, you can end up ranking for more keywords which will put your post in more search results then your competition leading to more readers on your website which will lead to more revenue.

This is the point of the best keyword tool, Jaaxy, available to anyone for $49/ month for Jaaxy Pro or $99/month for Jaaxy Enterprise… JaaxyLite is INCLUDED in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, no better option than getting the best affiliate marketing training with the best keyword tool to go with the training!


Community Features & Benefits

  • 24/7/365 Help
  • Networking With 1.2 MILLION Members Strong
  • Expert Mentoring and Support
  • Ambassadorship Program Access

When you are a member at Wealthy Affiliate you are never alone and you always have the option to ask your questions and find the answers. Whether you want to ask the support team at Wealthy Affiliate or the live chat with a constant stream of members that can help you out.

I recommend you find a group of experienced Wealthy Affiliate members to answer your questions, when I first started I had a group of members that started the same time I did and we would ask questions in the live chat and learn from each others questions that get answered by the veterans, now I like to give assistance to new members when I can because I know what it’s like to be a new member with big dreams. Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams!

Part of promoting Wealthy Affiliate is understanding the whole platform and explaining to others that there is honestly no other place to learn everything you will need to know with all the tools you will need all in one place. When you understand the platform and recommend Wealthy Affiliate to others, you become the mentor to that person. I will be your mentor if you decide to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and I will point you in the right direction with any question you ask me!

Just want to throw this out there, my mentor didn’t help me out much, I had to find most of what I know now from asking others and doing research within Wealthy Affiliate and learning lesson after lesson. Trust me, I am a good source of knowledge and one heck of a mentor!

Support and Mentorship Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Answers to Questions
  • Live & Instant Support
  • 5 Minute or Less Website & Hosting Support
  • Mentoring From the Founders
  • Direct Access to 10,000’s of Industry Experts
  • Website/WordPress Support

There is no better place to get help with your website to help grow your online business to it’s full potential than Wealthy Affiliate!


My Final Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate…

Kenneth Huffman Jr

My whole life I grew up around computers, I was typing back in the 3rd grade, when you needed to look something up you used a book, but there was always the internet to use for a quicker answer. I remember looking at a website back in the 7th grade with ads on the sidebar and other posts inside their site, ever since that moment I wanted to create a website that made me money. The thing about the internet is, it doesn’t matter what website you make, all that matters is you enjoy working and growing your website.

With the creation of the internet and the fast evolving robotics leaving less demand for low position jobs, this scares most people leaving them with the thought of never being able to work their way to the top, but with the way the world works online anyone can create a website around things they are passionate about and turn that passion into a thriving online business.

When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into at first, but what I now know is I never want to work for any site that is going to pay me for making them more money, I work for myself, I am the boss of my own websites and now I know how to build websites for any business out there to pay me money, but that is on top of affiliate sales from Amazon.com and Wealthy Affiliate, when you can build a website, your job field just got a whole lot bigger, what you want to do from there is up to you.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are given everything you will ever need to launch and let your own website thrive while you watch it grow and grow with more visitors with the more content you create.

My final thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate are if you are going to create a website that is going to fund your life, you need to understand the basics of making money with affiliate marketing then you need to dive deeper in to the higher levels of the training at Wealthy Affiliate while you ask questions the whole way and become and expert yourself!

I’m just a guy who doesn’t want to live the average life and be a pawn in the game of life, I choose to be the boss of my own life and rule as king, to make my own rules to live the life I want to live. That life includes working for myself from where ever I want helping those who seek my advice! If you are willing to put the work in and the time to learn all you can that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, then the free starter membership is where you need to start and go through all the free training before upgrading and get to know the platform, members and of course me!

I look forward to helping you launch your first online business and help you scale it all the way to the top! Failure is an option and it only matters what you do when you meet failure, either learn from it or quit! I always learn from failure to make sure it never happens again!

I look forward to helping you out inside Wealthy Affiliate, if you have any questions prior to joining feel free to drop them below in the comment section!

Ready To Join Wealthy Affiliate

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