Website Traffic Generators That Work – They Don’t…

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Website Traffic Generators That Work – They Don’t…

December 25, 2016 Money Idea 0
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Do Website Traffic Generators Worwebsite traffic generatork?

I have had my own websites and like everyone else starting out I wanted to get more traffic to my websites. I was taught how to get real traffic using SEO, however I was ignorant and thought I would be able to get even more traffic if I was able to use a traffic generator.

Long story short, stick to SEO, read why.

What is a Traffic Generator?

Anyone who owns a website or is looking to start one needs to know the number one way to get real traffic to your websites, SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is what large search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to rank websites in their search results.

What a traffic generator is intended to do is generate traffic to your website. The really bad thing about traffic generators are they do not give you quality traffic. Some websites have robots visit to your site for a few seconds and others have other members visit your website for a few seconds. Either way, a few seconds is not quality traffic. I would rather have just 5 people who are actually interested in my website visit for 5 minutes than have 100 people visit for a few seconds and leave without giving any kind of thought to my website.

Some traffic generators have a pretty good set up and lead you to believe you can get some real traffic from them. The main goal for traffic generator sites is to make money for the owner of the site. Most sites have some kind of currency you need to spend to earn views for your site, most of these sites give you opportunities to trade real money for their website currency or earn them for free by doing certain tasks, all which make the website owner money.

“How To Boost Website Traffic”   … For Real

I mentioned above a little about SEO, search engine optimization. SEO is the real way to gain traffic to your website. There used to be many different ways to gain rankings in the major search engines very easily a few years back, but today search engines use content to rank your website in there search results.

When you create your own website, you need to know just how to set it up. You need great content, a strong foundation, and the right plugins. All this is what will get you traffic to your website. Google uses trust to rank your website. The more quality content (1000-3000 word pages/posts) and helpful information you put on your website, the more Google will trust you and once you are a trusted website, your pages and posts will get ranked higher in Googles search results.

Another way you can get real traffic to your website is PPC (Pay Per Click). You can pay a site like Google AdWords or Bing Ads to put an advertisement you create into their search results toward the top of their results. This can be a more expensive way to get traffic to your website, but they will give you real traffic that are looking for information like what you have on your site because your website will appear in the top results of your keywords you have on your website that people are actually looking for.

How To Create A Free Website

For anyone who already has a website and is trying to acquire more traffic stick to what I said above about SEO, write great content that people will actually want to read, get on a post pattern, don’t post at different times every week with different amount of posts, try to stay on a schedule, and keep writing, traffic will come if you can get some real quality information on your website. Do not pay websites that claim to get your traffic, the only time you should pay to get traffic to your website is through a search engine PPC program.

build a website

Websites are such a breeze to create in todays world. Go back 5 years and it was pretty hard, you would need to know how to read and write computer code, and much more just to get a website started. Today you can have a website up and ready to go in about 30 seconds. Don’t believe me? Set up a free website right now! Here!

If you are looking to create a website that you want to create money with then you are in the right time era. Anyone can create a profitable website if they can put time in. There are so many get rich quick sites out there that are looking to scam you right out of your money, don’t fall for them. I want to show you one program that can teach you everything you will need to know to make a profitable online business.

I said above that SEO is the number one way to create traffic for your site and it is. The Creators of Wealthy Affiliate show you step by step how to set up your website for free and how to include plugins that will help even more with your SEO. They literally show you EVERYTHING you need to know about getting traffic and creating a very well set up website that can make you money!

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The point of this post is to tell anyone that is trying to get traffic to their website, Stay Away from traffic generators, they may sound like a very easy way to acquire traffic but if the traffic is super low quality that only sticks around for a few seconds, Why would you want that? If you are looking to sell someone something at a store and they only came in for a few seconds, what is the likeability they will buy anything?

A website can be just like a store. Think of your website being a piece of property that you own. You can put anything you want on it. Lets say you are trying to make money. You would put a store on your property, that store needs real people coming to shop at it. This is why you need real traffic and not just people that are coming to your site for a few seconds so they can have someone do the same thing for them. One constant loop of getting people to visit your site for a few seconds.

SEO will get your real traffic, stick to quality content with 1000-3000 words in each post or page.

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