Would You Like To Make Extra Money From Home?

Hundred Dollar Bills

Everyone loves money, it is just a realization you have to face. Until currency goes away, and who knows if that will ever happen, money will rule the world. If you want power you need money.


Would you like to make extra money from home?!

I can help you do that! The one thing I ask… Do not try to make money from home if you are not actually going to put effort in. Making money online is not the easiest thing! Simple, but not easy.

Here Are The Best Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

Business Plan

Choose the online money making strategy!

Anyone of these three ideas can make you money online. Each are clickable to read more, or continue reading!

Freelancing – A freelancer is someone who signs up for a freelancing program like Upwork, then completes online tasks he or she accepts from a client. Once the job is done, you get paid, and the client gets their finished project. This can be a very fun way to make money online, but not the best.

Scams – Everyone knows about scams. Everyone you talk to is probably a scam expert, that is all I hear when I talk about my online business. “Yeah right, you’re probably going to scam me!” I hear that all the time.

People now a days are very scared of being scammed. I know one thing for sure, if you don’t try, you will never succeed. Do some research on a program before signing up and always try a free trial first!

Blogs – These are the #1 growing way to make extra money from home, or where ever really. Blogs are just like a piece of online property. You create a blog website and use it to make you money in a number of ways.

Blog Money

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Promoting products for other companies and you get paid commission every time, one of the products you promoted gets sold, through your site.
  2. Donations – If you can grow your audience wide enough, you can put a donation PayPal widget on your site and your visitors can pay you!
  3. Advertisements – The key to money online is traffic. Once you can get enough visitors to your website, you can get paid by advertisement sites like Google AdSense. You can place an ad on your website and receive about $1 for every click on that advertisement!

Now, combine all those together into just one blog website. You could be making a lot of money from home with a blog.

Wait, I know just how to get you a brand new blog that you can try all these out on … for free! My program I am part of, Wealthy Affiliate, teaches anyone who wants to use a blog to make money. They offer you two free blog websites to use and 10 step by step videos for you to follow along with. You can have a website up and running on your first day of the free membership!

I would like to ask you to comment below! I want to hear your questions or just your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate. I would not have tried it, if I was not offered the free membership!


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2 Replies to “Would You Like To Make Extra Money From Home?”

  1. Hi, Kenny. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I can attest to it’s effectiveness. The best part is that no one needs to take my word for it or your word for it. It’s FREE to try out, so why not give it a try? There’s really nothing to lose.

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