What Is Making Money Online? The Future Of Income?

Making Money Online… Is it a real thing?

Does one have to take years to learn how?

Is it even worth it?

Should you quit your job?

Lets get straight to it, making money online is a choice. Just like anything else in your life, you must choose where you make your money. You can go the traditional way of getting a job, working for a boss, whom you may or may not like. This is great for a majority of the population but not everyone.

When you get a job working for someone else, essentially, you are working for your bosses dream, while you very, very slowly work on your own. Making a quarter… if that of the boss, doing much more work.

You know why so many people go to work for someone else?

It Is Easy!

I'm the boss
Wouldn’t it be easier, If You were the Boss?

Working for yourself, working for your own dream. That is not easy and that is the reason you see so many people choose the easier way through life. The one life they have, the one and only life, and they choose to spend it working for someone else, during this time they don’t want to work, during this time they could be with family or loved ones, enjoying their one life.

So, what am I getting at?

Making Money Online!

This is where it really comes down to the ones who are tired of working for their dumb boss that doesn’t care one bit about their dreams.

There are so many different ways to make money online, so many ways that help you live your life and not waste it away while doing grunt work for someone else.

Freelancing – This is where you are working for yourself but for others. Other people will pay you to do work for them. The cool part is that you choose the job and if don’t like it then you don’t have to do it. My favorite freelancing website is Upwork.

Read My Full Upwork Review

Website Creation – This is a great way to make money, build a website and its up to you, what to do with it.

Once you create a website, the whole entire world of making money online opens up to you. You are free to try what ever method you want to make money on your website, because it is yours.

Here are some of the best ways to use your site to make money.

Google AdSense – Allowing Google To Have Ads Shown On Your Site. You get paid when ever someone sees the ad and paid more when they click it.

Affiliate Marketing – This is a massively growing industry. The more people start to understand the internet and how everyone is making so much money, they get into affiliate marketing.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting products to customers for sites like Amazon. Read more about Amazon Associates, The main goal is to promote products on your website, social media or where ever, but you sell products you don’t even own.

Say you know a lot about something… Gardening for instance. You can find an affiliate program and with the knowledge you already have, you can sell gardening supplies like crazy, for your affiliate. You never touch the product but you do receive commission for each sale.

10% of $100 is $10 and if you can make 30 sales in a month, there’s $300 in your pocket, all because you already knew helpful tips to help people. Imagine 50 sales, 100, 1000. Its is possible and this is why people can make so much money this way.

The biggest part of making money online is, Helping People. If you can offer someone some great help and then recommend them a product to go along with your help, they will more likely buy from your site/link. Your knowledge on anything is the key to making money online.

Local Marketing – This can be a great idea if you learn how to build websites.  I learned how to build websites and sold my first site for $300. That is $300 in my pocket just because I learned how to build a simple website. There is no coding needed, just simple learning, and then Appling what you learned to the real world.

Local Markeing Make Money Help Your Community

Do you want to know how much you can sell the same website I sold for $300? I wanted to get my name known before I started charging an ungodly number, so I decided to help one of my local restaurants in my small town with a cheap, professional website that will help them for a very long time. Oh and I’m getting $50 a month to manage it, maybe a few clicks/edits every week, but nothing too extensively hard.

That $300 website, I could have charged easily, $1000 plus $300 every month to manage it. Do you see where I am going with this? Making money online is up to you, there are amazing ways to do it but are you willing to do it.

Check out my article on How Much It Costs To Build A Website to learn a bit more about making money selling websites.

Taking Advantage Of Today!

This is a great time to get into the online world and learn all you can. Times have changed and all the knowledge you needed before to make a living online is minimal now. You just have to understand how people are making money online and apply it to yourself.

What is making money online?

Simply learning how, will help you make money online. I have a program that taught me everything I know and I never would have thought at the age of 20 I would be doing what I am doing today, Making Money Online.

Its is honestly amazing to understand how to avoid the system of getting a job you don’t want,  pay bills that you don’t want to pay because your job doesn’t pay you enough.

Stop, being a pawn. Learn how to get your life going in the direction you actually want it to go! The house you want, the car, the life you want! It is possible but only if you make it possible. I said at the beginning, Making Money Online is a choice, just like getting a job.

The only difference is you get to do the work you want and live the life you want, if you can put in the time and effort required.

Learn How To Build A Website In 30 Seconds, Seriously Click the link and learn a little more!

Thank you very much for reading my post about What is making money online. Websites, Freelancing, Learning how to run your life online, it is all up to you and I want to help you achieve your dreams. I don’t think anyone deserves to live a boring/stressful life. We are all humans and we deserve a great life. Build one for yourself!

Leave me a comment or question below and I will be more than happy to get back to you ASAP!


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6 Replies to “What Is Making Money Online? The Future Of Income?”

  1. Very interesting and thought provoking ideas. I had not thought of some of these and I have been working online for awhile. Thank you so much for updating us with fresh ideas!

    1. My pleasure! Working online can be a real money maker, the one thing is, people don’t want to put in the time to get the big reward. You are not handed anything in life and that is a true fact in the online world, work for what you want! I hope you capitalize on some of these ideas!


  2. I am really likeing the thought of selling sites! And even more estatic thinking about the residual income from maintaining them! Curious though, When you built your sites for others who did you use to host and make them work? Is there a good place to use? Or does just any hosting place like gator and daddy work? I m looking forward to seeing more on this topic! And am pretty pumped thnking about what a great way to make money on line that you have here!

  3. I searched for long enough to find a low cost route and become established online writing articles about my passion whilst earning money through affiliate links.
    There are affiliate programs for pretty much any interest to which companies adore as they only pay commission when a product is sold saving huge budgets on advertising.

    As for the affiliate, there’s no stock to purchase, hold, package, no postage nor returns to deal with either hence the low cost however you are right, it does take time and determination to succeed, a case of writing regularly about your passion and learning the ropes to successfully market a website online.

    I too chose Wealthy Affiliate to learn their powerful techniques, slowly becoming more established as time goes by. I’ve been writing for about a year now. How long have you been affiliate marketing?
    Thanks for your tips regarding making money online,

    1. Hey Simon! Great comment. You made affiliate marketing sound so easy, and it really is. Its great you never have to see the product but the commission is going to depend on the affiliate program. Some only give 2% and that is not worth my time.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn so many great ways to make money online. Their first goal is to get you to understand affiliate marketing with their step by step training, the first 10 video lessons are free and they allow you to build a website for free. It will be 1 year in August that I started my journey at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Making Money Online is the dream and those who are willing to work for the dream are the ones who see their dreams!



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